Wednesday, May 02, 2007

F-F-F-Finishing F-F-F-Frenzy

There was a flurry of finished objects shared by various knitters last night at TNK.

First off, Issy finished the first of three (yes, THREE!) shawls she's currently knitting -- a mystery shawl whose pattern name has yet to be revealed. (Issy, I forget which yarn you used -- feel free to leave that info in the comments, if you like.)

Here, Mary Jane and Norma admire Issy's beautiful handiwork:

Lovely edging!

Linda recently finished a cotton baby blanket with a lovely feather-and-fan pattern combined with a cable that makes a gorgeous gift for a friend's child. We all got a good laugh when Linda told us that she started this blanket back when the boy was a baby, and he's just now celebrated his Bar Mitsvah! Way to resurrect the long-term UFO, Linda! :-)

Definitely worth the wait!

Patsy has also hopped on the feather-and-fan bandwagon with this beautiful scarf:

Knit this with Patsy's own hand-dyed, hand-spun fiber. Well done!

Cathy, (sorry I forgot to get your picture, Cath!), brought a fun finished & felted purse she recently made:

I love the matching wallet!

In between all her shawl knitting, Issy has also been cranking out some squares for Mosaic's Hokie Healing blankets:

Linda designed this VT logo square,
whose pattern is now available on Jane's blog,


And speaking of Mosaic Yarn Shop, did you see the article about them in the New York Times? (That's Jane's sister Lawre in the picture, second from right.) Knit on, Blacksburg!

While we were all knitting last night, we also had the honor of watching Tami bind off and finish her "I learned how to purl" bastketweave scarf:

Nice work, Tami! You should be proud!

Renny is knitting a beautiful cabled wrap with Rowan Soft Lux:

which has a metallic thread in it that gives the fabric the absolute perfect amount of elegant glint, without being gaudy. (Jane has a better picture of it on her last week's blog post.)

Christina is working on a beautiful beaded Gilda scarf:

So pretty!

Katie is knitting a summer-weight Clapotis in Noro Sakura:


And she's also knitting a pretty scarf in this purpley ribbon yarn (whose name I've forgotten):

And me? I'm working on a log cabin square with the Malabrigo leftovers from my Hokie Hope Hat. The jury is still out on whether I like the log cabin technique -- I'll give my ruling in a future blog post, once the square is finished.

Things might be quiet on the blog for the next few days, as they will contain a flurry of activity for me. Tomorrow is another long-anticipated plant sale, and then Friday I'm driving up to Maryland for the weekend fiber mecca. (I'll probably bring my laptop, though, so there may be a post or two over the weekend). It looks like I'm going by myself, and I'm perfectly fine with that, but if you see me there, entranced in a haze of fibery goodness, please stop me and say hello! :-)


Suzanne said...

That was some SERIOUS finishing! The shawls are really stunning as well.

Hope you made out like a bandit at the plant sale!

Gina said...

I am so jealous! I would love to hang out with you guys and knit! What a great group!

Margaret said...

Me Three! The TNK group is amazing, if I come on Tuesday nights will I finish as much knitting too?

Have a great time in MD! Next year for me.

Robin said...

WOW...looks like you guys had a GREAT time--yet again! I swear, I'll get there one of these nights! Thanks for sharing!

Issy said...

My yarn for the mystery Shawl is Jaggerspun Zephyr wool/silk laceweight. We had a productive evening didn't we? I can't wait to see Katie's finished Clapotis. The yarn is lovely. Have a great weekend.