Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mary's Excellent Adventure - Part 2

The pastoral setting along Fairgrounds Road... I approached Mecca this morning...

(...despite the congested parking lot...)

...inspires me now to wax poetic.

So, here goes....

Mary wants a little lamb...

...with fleece as white as snow....

(okay, I think this is a kid goat, but work with me...)

...because everywhere that Mary went, lambs were to and fro

(okay, I know they're adult sheep -- again, cut me some slack)

[Thus ends the poetry.]

Boy, am I tired! I arrived at MS&W around 8:30 this morning, where lines had already formed for the 2007 MS&W merchandise:

...and at The Fold's booth:

...for Socks That Rock:

I did not stand in either idiotic line, thankyouverymuch. The only line worth standing in is for the bathroom, in my opinion.

Lines noticeably absent this year included the Koigu free-for-all, (they were apparently a no-show), and the vendor selling Deep Fried Twinkies. Cardiologists all across the mid-Atlantic wept.

But there was still plenty of Fabulous Fair Food to be had:

And more importantly, there was a feast for the eyes, everywhere you looked:

I ran into several people I know, including queen Bess working hard in the Spirit Trail booth, Patsy & Nancy from my knitting group, as well as Robin H., and the trio of Jane, Donna and Patty. Back at the hotel tonight, I met Liz, (a Maryland knit-blogger who recognized me before I recognized her, shame on me!), along with two of her friends, one of whom was hefting a brand new beautiful spinning wheel. (Hi Liz! Nice to finally meet you!) Oh, and in one very crowded barn, I ran into Jean and Brittany from Knitting Addiction. Again, even though I've only been to that Outer Banks yarn shop a handful of times, they recognized me before I recognized them. (Sometimes I feel like I'm a complete dolt!)

Today I bought several pretties, and despite my aching feet, am going back tomorrow for more.

I can't wait!

(Monday -- Part 3! And I'll most likely post the "big reveal" sometime on Monday Tuesday.)



Bess said...

Oh! I'm so glad you got to see the glass buttons. So magic. So gorgeous. I want to go live inside one.

hugs to you

Robin said...

I am so envious!! I can't wait to see what you came away with! Tell the other I said HI!

Nikki said...

You should totally blame the yarn fumes for not recognizing people. :) Esp since the two that work in the yarn store have a higher tolerance for them :)

BTW, very jealous here!

Anonymous said...

Sorry i missed you yesterday. I saw Patsy and Nancy. It was too crowded but the weather was great. See you Tues.

Robin said...

Great pics as usual and I love the poetry!! Those hooked rugs are by Stacy. She used to come to my camps and is a FABULOUS designer and rug hooker. Good to see you! You have great weather today for your second S&W trip.

Margaret said...

Looks like a great time! I still don't get it that the longest lines are for the tote bags and mugs. I'd be buying fiber and yarn, but maybe that's just me.

lmilla said...

This is a whole new world to me... I had no idea such things went on until I started reading your blog! one day....