Sunday, March 25, 2007

Socky Wednesday with the Richmond Knitters

It's Sunday, so it's time to blog about Wednesday, right? (What's the saying about being so far behind, you're in front? I only wish...).

Anyway, I had an errand over near Willow Lawn on Wednesday afternoon, so afterwards I decided to join the Wednesday night knitting group that meets at the Panera there.

Here are Monet, Beth and blogless Lou:
You may recall that Beth & Lou were kind enough to let me tag along with them in their rental car up in New York when we were there for the Knitter's Review Retreat last November.

And here's Marie:

casting on for a Jaywalker

All four of them were working on socks, and Lou even brought some finished socks to show:

BMFA 2007 Rockin' Sock Club "Inside Out" socks in "Monsoon"

a 2006 Sock Club pattern & STR yarn -- I don't remember specifics
(Pattern: Winter's Eve; STR Colorway: Mustang Sally)

Close-up: Gorgeous! Beads!

And here's another 2006 Rockin' Sock Club sock Lou is currently working on:

Pattern: "Titania's Revenge"; STR Colorway: Titania

Lou is trying to get caught up on her backlog of Sock Club patterns, so that she can bring them all with her to Camp Cockamamie. Doesn't that Sock Camp (<- pdf file) sound like fun? I believe the Yarn Harlot is going to be one of the camp counselors....

Monet was a purpley girl on Wednesday, wearing several of her purpley handknits, including this luscious long & skinny scarf knit in Debbie Bliss cashmerino:

And her first ever handknit socks:

Hooray, Monet!

Maggie also came and brought a knitting friend, Frances, with her. (I'm sorry Maggie -- your friend's name has slipped my mind. Please forgive me!)

I haven't seen Maggie since she returned from China with her newest wee one -- the beyond-adorable Betsy! Congratulations, Maggie, on a wonderful addition to your family. :-)

Maggie worked on seaming up a cardigan, while Frances was knitting something (a scarf, maybe?) a MDK linen hand towel in a multi-color chevron pattern.

In keeping with the unofficial socky theme of the evening, Maggie was wearing her handknit Jaywalkers:

We laughed because we were more concerned about getting breadcrumbs on her beautiful handknit sweater than the fact that her shoe and sock was mere inches from her food. Knitter priorities, I tell ya!

Take a look at this gorgeous sweater she's seaming:

I don't remember the pattern, but I do believe she said the yarn was Jo Sharp (silky aran, maybe?) Perhaps the pattern is Jo Sharp, as well. I just love that sweater -- it is one of those sweaters that will be come a staple in her wardrobe for years and years. That's what knitting is all about, I think....

I worked some more on my own LMKG chevron scarf, which makes for really good public knitting, because it's just so easy -- almost mindless. And I, too, was in keeping with the socky theme, because I'm using sock yarn, after all!

It was fun to knit with these ladies, and I hope to do so again sometime soon. Thanks for having me, Richmond Knitters!

And now I'm off to sit on my front porch in my rocking chair and enjoy this gorgeous weather and... you guessed it... knit!


Beth said...

Hey Mary - great photos from Wednesday night! The red socks of Lou's are the Winters Eve pattern in the Mustang Sally colorway. This was the December kit from the 2006 Sock Club.

If I'm not mistaken, the sock in progress is Titania's Revenge.

Hope to see you at Wednesday Night again soon!

Robin said...

Mary, Please email me the info re: the Wednesday night knitting group. A coworker lives more on that side of town and might like to join them. I love that cardigan and those socks!!

Brandy said...

Hi darling! I know, long time no comment, but I am still here, Really!

If you keep going to knitting on Weds you might see me there sometime soon. I'm out of commission on Tuesdays for a while and so I might take up that opportunity soon. So I might get to see you there, yay!

knitfriendly said...

Wow! Lou is my inspiration. I have those kits and I am still working on them as well. I still have one more of the winter's eve (the beaded sock) to complete....:)

Looks like you had a fab time, as always!

lemmie said...

well, i just left you a comment that was deleted by blogger! urgh. anyways, what it said was:
> gardening is fun, but it's hard to knit and prune at the same time :)
> folk school would be awesome in the fall because the weather is so beautiful there around that time
> i may join you all next wed
see ya soon!