Friday, March 02, 2007

Cats and Hats


Yeah, I know. Y'all are sick and tired of seeing my knitted hats. Well, if it makes you feel any better, my long list of hat knitting is getting a little smaller, as I've finished several over the past few weeks. I still have a couple of baby hats to knit, but I think that I will simplify one of them which should help me crank it out all the faster, and the other isn't due for awhile, so I can actually start a non-hat project in the interim.

Sing it with me: Hallelujah!

I hope to share pictures of the new, non-hat project, later this weekend, that is, if I make any kind of presentable, picture-worthy progress. It's a secret for now, but boy, is it going to be pretty -- just you wait and see!

In the meantime, and without further ado, I give you my latest finished object:

  • Yarn: Brown Sheep Burley Spun in Pinetree (#BS68) - 100% wool
  • Gauge: 2.5 stitches per inch
  • Needles: U.S. size 13 Denise interchangeable circular & Brittany birch 7½" DPNs
  • Pattern: Cast on 56 stitches, join in round, K2,P2 for 5", decrease in stockinette & finish according to Super Simple Hat Calculator

I like this hat, which I knit for my younger brother's upcoming St. Patrick's Day birthday, but I'm wondering now if it's appropriate for him. He's a very conservative dresser, and I'm thinking that even though I used 2x2 ribbing in an effort to make it a masculine hat, it still has a feminite feel to it. He will never wear a girly hat, that's for darn sure. I've got an email with picture out to my other siblings to get their opinions. I still have time to knit another one for him, if necessary.


Recently, I've stumbled upon a few of my other hand-knit hats in their natural habitats. Take a look:

Nephew wearing his birthday Redskins hat

Younger nephew still wears his Orioles hat, several weeks later,
at older nephew's birthday party. I asked him if it seemed too small,
but he says he likes it just like it is. I take this as a compliment.

Sister modeling her snowman hat
(it's a little big on her, but she says she loves it)



With warmer weather and sunshine around these parts, the cats are taking full advantage of that warm patch where the sun streams in through the storm door. Here's Casey sunnin' her ample belly:

honk-shoo, honk-shoo, honk-shoo

And here's a little video of Ali, snoozin' and snorin' next to me as I sit at my desk. You may need to turn up your sound to hear her snoring above the hum of the computer. Make sure you watch it until the end, when she startles herself awake:

Honk-shoo, honk-shoo, honk-shoo
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Have a great weekend, everyone!


sal said...

Love your post, cats and hats are 2 of my favourite topics and your video really tickled me! I was watching so intently it made me jump when she woke up and I chuckled away for quite a while!

Nikki said...

what nice hats! What beautiful cats! When Pepper startles awake like that she needs to come tell me about it. In vast detail. Sometimes, she just comes by to tell me she woke up anyways and that she's on her way to eat. That's my Pepper, the talkative one.