Friday, March 16, 2007

It's Friday, so it must be time to blog about Tuesday

Every day I'm a little bit better, after last week's bronchitis, and I'm quite grateful for that. I still have coughing fits in the evenings, especially close to bedtime (of course), so it was with some trepidation that I attended this week's gathering of the Tuesday Night Knitters. Mercifully, the coughing didn't start until after I got home, so I was able to enjoy hangin' with my peeps without hacking all over them. (I'd hate for them to be calling me Typhoid Mary behind my back!)

And I'm so glad I went! After all, if I had stayed home, I would have missed seeing Norma's finished sweater for her grandbaby:

Knitting Pure & Simple top-down hooded kid's cardigan;
(knit with Sugar & Cream 100% cotton)
So cute! Yay, Norma!


And I would have missed Susan's finished socks she knit for her husband:

Main yarn is Fortissima Sockotta
(I forget what she used for the toes)


I would have missed Rita's progress on her Absolutely Fabulous throw. She's about 1/3 of the way through, and it's looking beautiful:

Ab Fab close-up -- love those colors!

And I would have missed seeing everyone else who was there that evening, including:

Cathy, Mary and Linda

Issy, Jo and Patsy


And I would have missed the very beginnings of Issy's new Civil War Shawl project:

pretty star pattern in the middle!

In other knitting news, I'm plugging along on Little Brother's replacement St. Patrick's Day Birthday hat:

Irish Hiking Hat - my first attempt at cables!

Knitting this hat has not been without a casualty:

While knitting, I snapped the connector off of the cord for my shortest Denise cable. I have another kit, so was able to replace it almost immediately, after picking up all those dropped stitches (arrgh!). I hear that the Denise folks are very nice about replacements (and the package insert says, "all parts guaranteed with normal use"), so I've emailed them to see if they'll send me a replacement cable. I love my Denise's!

Well, I need to end this post and get back to knitting on that hat. I have about 24 hours to finish it before it's time for the birthday party!


Issy said...

Your cables look great!! And I love the yarn. Good choice.

Liz said...

Denise is really good about replacing broken bits! I have had two cords break exactly the way yours did...Both times I just had to mail the broken one to them, and had a replacement in just a few days. (They're located in Virginia which makes it a little quicker too)

I like how the hats looking :)

Margaret said...

With cables I think the darker Malabrigo was a better choice. The bright variegated green would have competed too much with the pattern. It's looking good!

Your knitting group looks like so much fun! And very productive.

So glad you are feeling better, that crud has certainly had you down for a long time.

Krista said...

Beautiful cables. Good yarn color too.

Robin said...

Blarney! That hat looks great!! Love all the TNK pictures. Wish I could join you.

Robin said...

And from the *other* Robin...Love the hiking scarf, but hate those sorts of knitting accidents!
Someday I'm going to get a chance to join you for knit night!

Anne Margaret said...

The cables are looking good!

Ranger Susie said...

The hat is looking very nice. Too bad about the Denise cable.