Thursday, March 08, 2007

Feed a Cold, Starve a... aw, who am I kidding?

... or, How about a little whine with that codeine?

Many thanks to those who have emailed or commented with get well wishes. It means more than you know.

As an independent single gal who came to terms with and embraced her singleness many years ago, there aren't all that many times anymore when I wish I had a particular "someone" in my life. In fact, I can count my few loneliness-triggers on one hand:
  • the holidays
  • walking through my home airport after a tiring trip
  • illness
And so, this particular period of infirmity plainly qualifies as one of those lonely times and has me preciously close to self-pity.

I'm so used to taking care of myself, carrying my own luggage and grocery bags, doing what needs to be done without relying on someone else, that I don't even think about or wish for that kind of help anymore, except at times like this, when, gosh, it'd be nice to have someone drive me to the doctor, or gosh, it'd be nice to have someone make me chicken soup. And I'm actually not wishing for a husband so much as for a mother, or more accurately, my mother, from about 20 years ago when she was still capable of doing those things. Cruelly, time marches on.

But, fear not, Jason's Deli is bringing me some of their fabulous soup in a couple hours. That is, if they don't screw up my order like they've done the last three times.

As far as the scintillating details of my illness -- I'm still hacking and coughing and wheezing, and the bug has spread to my sinuses -- apparently it's an equal opportunity pathogen. I'm better today than yesterday though, when a reaction to the codeine cough syrup had me laying in bed with all the lights off and the blinds closed, trying not to cough (which made my head split open) or hurl (I was queasy all day).

Alas, dear codeine, I had such high hopes for you! You were going to make all of this misery worthwhile, and you let me down. What good are narcotics, if a gal can't rely on them to ease her from illness to carefree bliss, at least for a few hours?

I'm knitting a little, and will maybe have a finished object to share in a few days.

In the meantime, I'm hungry. When's that food getting here?


Anonymous said...

You should be very proud of your independence! I'm sorry, though, that you don't have a mother to help you now. My mom passed away 3 years ago at age 61 of cancer, followed by my wonderful mother-in-law 3 months later of cancer as well. It's so unsettling to be motherless. It makes you feel very alone in the world.

Anyway, call me if you need someone (I'll email you my #); I'm almost always home.

Narcotics can behave very stangely in some people. My husband is terribly allergic to demerol and found out the hard way after some dental surgery.

REST and enjoy your soup!!

Liz R

Robin said...

Please know that if I lived closer I would be right there helping you and making you my homemade chicken soup!
Get better soon...

Maia said...

Oh pooh. I hate being sick. Bronchitis is a nasty one I hope to never revisit. Hopefully, it will break soon.

Nikki said...

Mary, I'm so there with you on the Independent part and with the someone to bring me homemade soup. But think of the positives here, when you were laying in bed sick from the codeine, at least no one was popping in going "are you OK?, do you need anything? where's the tweezers (or whatever LOL)" yeah... I know, it's a stretch but I'm trying here :)

keep gettin' better and if you've got snugglers, I SWEAR cat purrs will cure almost everything...

rho said...

Wish I were closer to bring you some goodies or at least soup.

I think when we are sick we do want our moms more than anyone else. My Mom died when I was 19 and when I am sick I still want her.

I hope the codeine is at least letting you get some needed sleep. That is about all I get from it. But that is the best way to get thru feeling yucky anyway.

Monet said...

Mary -

So sorry that you are feeling rotten. Hopefully the good meds combo will work and you will be back to feeling like yourself. At least you still feel like knitting a little bit.

The bumper sticker for the Rockin Sock Club says "NSK" or Notorious Sock Knitter! Pretty cool, huh?!

I've started on the first sock but it's a bit scary and I'm totally a novice at this, but I do have Beth to help and encourage, so hopefully it will go better than it has been so far.

Feel better...and we would love to see you on Wednesday nights at Panera if you get the urge to drop in.

Linda said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough go of it Mary... we sure missed you at TNK and are hopeful that you are well enough next Tuesday to join us.

I know what you mean, tho, with wanting your mom when you're sick. As a single woman/mom, I go through that every time. Virtual hugs coming your way!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you feeling better today, Mary??
(Friday) I hope so!!! How's that gorgeous STR scarf going??

Liz R

Bess said...

Lawsee - blogger wouldn'tlet me comment this morning.

I am SO sorry you've been sick. Get well quick, dearest. And while you wait - knit soft wooly things.

many hugs