Saturday, June 09, 2007

Me and Cher and Demi -- who knew?!

This is freakin' hilarious:

The photo in the center is my driver's license photo from 7 years ago, back when I still had bangs and wore contacts. According to the facial recognition software on this website (which I think is more hairstyle-recognition than anything else), these are the celebrities I most look like.

Ha! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Okay, now, here are the celebrities that look like my work photo from two years ago:

Lynda Carter and David Letterman. HILARIOUS!

(And what's with the resemblance to James Joyce? Is it the mustache?)


Suzanne said...

Get us out from under.....Wonder Woman!

Its worth it to have Dave in the list if you can have Lynda Carter!

jess said...

it's hairstyle, eye shape, and the smile shape. hehe. too funny!

Robin said...

I definitely see the Cher resemblance - face shape. But the others --- not so sure!

Lee said...

I don't think the second picture you look like any of those selected, maybe bc you wore glasses, but the second photo I do see resemblence. You have pretty eyes.