Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tuesday Night Knitters celebrate Unraveled!

Tuesday night, instead of meeting at our normal Barnes & Noble venue, our knitting group trooped over to the Far Country known as the West End, across the mighty Rivah James, and gathered at Unraveled to help owner Mary Jane celebrate her yarn shop's three-year anniversary.

I went the entire night without getting a picture of Mary Jane, (shame on me), nor did I knit a stitch as there was lots happening that would have surely distracted my middle-aged attention-deficient brain into all kinds of mistakes, but I did manage to get a handful of pictures of a few of the folks who came.

Here are Robin C., Sheddy and Renny all wearing my favorite color teal, so I of course just had to lump them together and force them to take a photo:

the gals (and the color) are so pretty! :-)

Here are a few other folks who joined the party:

Any, Lou, Judy, and Patsy were seriously knitting

Robin C., Issy, Deb and Renny were also heads-down, serious knitters

Jane modeled her newest FO - her CeCe cardigan,
which she knit start-to-finish on her beach vacation last week


Jane's sister Lawre had a trunk show of all her lovely knitting bags and fabrics

Linda finished her E.Z. surprise baby sweater:

Cute 'lil sweater!
And if you blur your eyes, doesn't it look like she has a normal-sized head and a tee-tiny body?


At one point in the evening a few of us decided to walk a few shops over to Deluca Gelato, Richmond's only authentic Italian gelateria, and man, was that stuff fabulous! I got the chocolate-chocolate chip, my first ever gelato, and it was incredible. I was sure that something with less fat than ice cream surely couldn't be as good, but I was happily proven wrong. I will be going there now every time I'm in the neighborhood! A yarn shop and a gelateria? Twist my arm!

Patsy seemed to enjoy hers:

As did Issy:

Mary Jane was also kind enough to put out yummy snacks for us, so we were happy knitters!

front: homemade cinnamon buns
back: cheese & crackers


And Cathy just seemed happy overall:


Finally, I will leave you with a picture of this beautiful freeform-knitted purse that Ann, who works at Unraveled, knit up as a shop sample:

Love it!

Mary Jane sells the purse forms in her shop, and I believe Ann teaches a class on free-form knitting, in case you're interested!

Well, that's all for now. Maybe I'll get inspired and blog again this weekend -- I do have a few other things to share. We'll see!

Happy weekend, everyone! :-)


Margaret said...

Looks like it was a fun evening! Mmmm, gelato!

Robin said...

MMMMMMmmmmmmmm love me some Gelato!

Looks like a great evening, wish I'd been there (I keep saying that...time to do something about it)!!!

Sangeeta said...

I can only focus on the cinnamon buns. Did you get out of there without buying ONE THING??

Issy said...

How did you manage to get out without a purchase? And 20% off everything! I bow to your resolve.
Me? I blew way too much money!! But what the.... You can only hope you live long enought to knit it ALL! And after all - it was on sale!!