Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back home again...

...and, hey, it's not good.
(my little homage to John Denver.)

I received a couple of lovely welcome-home presents in the early moments of my return last night -- a crashed computer, and cat vomit in several locations around the house. One rug is beyond repair and is now in the trash. Let's hope the computer is not destined for the same fate.

Thanks, guys. Makes me want to leave home permanently.

Today I'm "recuperating" from my vacation, checking email, unpacking and doing laundry. My desktop PC, the workhorse of my life, is terribly ill, and so GeekSquad has been summoned for a housecall. The earliest appointment they could give me is a week from tomorrow, and so I'm relegated to this tiny laptop for the next eight days, at least. That's what I get for buying a small, travel-friendly, lightweight one -- a tiny keyboard to fat-finger all the live-long day. You pays your money, you makes your choice.

Vaycay photos will probably be uploaded here within a few days, (boy, I miss my desktop PC).

In the meantime I'm trying to figure out where's the best place to buy prescription (far-sighted) swim goggles. Anyone have any luck getting them locally? How about the internet?

Time to shift another another load of laundry from washer to dryer.

Do I seem grumpy?


Robin said...

Welcome Home!! vomit is enough to make ANYONE grumpy!

Liz R. said...

Welcome home, Mary!! Sorry about the "presents" the cats left you; mine do stuff like that when I leave the house for too long!

I hope your Sunday gets better quick!!

jane said...

Grumpy or not I'm glad you're back! I'm sure you had a great time...see you Tues???? Jane

Margaret said...

Yes you do. I've come home to cat throw-up too, yuck! Get a cheapie USB keyboard and wireless mouse, they will be worth it! I use a laptop as my desktop and have a wireless keyboard/mouse. Love 'em.

I googled goggles a year or so ago looking for some for my nephew and found a few options - from the regular swim sites like Aardvark which carry some standard strengths, to sites where you can send your script and have goggles custom made to your "specs". :)

Nikki said...

I agree with Robin cat puke will make anyone grumpy. Throw in a crashed computer and I'm not sure my words would be fit for publication. You're doing better than I would be.

Hope it all gets MUCH better VERY soon!

Frequent Frogger said...

Welcome back! We missed you--well perhaps in a more genteel way than your cats--but still missed you. Sorry to hear about your computer-hope the Geek Squad can "make it all better" soon.

Hope to see you at TNK

Gina said...

Why why why does it always seem like you always need a vacation once you get back from vacation?

Bess said...

Oh I have missed you. I'm so glad you're back!!