Monday, September 03, 2007

Why, hello there....

...remember me?

I really didn't intend to take such a long absence from the blog, but with my desktop PC pronounced dead (official autopsy this evening by GeekSquad deemed it not worth repairing), I feel like I'm missing my right arm. I just don't want to make my laptop the primary vehicle for organizing photos, so I hesitate to do so to any great extent.

The good news is that the GeekDude was able to back up the data from my old hard drive for me, and now I'm shopping for a new desktop.

This then begs the question -- Windows XP or Vista? Anyone have experience with Vista? What are your thoughts?

For now, I'll leave you with a picture of the Ocracoke lighthouse, taken while on vacation:

I love Ocracoke.


Issy said...

Do you think we can make
Ocracoke the new location for TNK ?

Bess said...

I love Ocracoke too though I haven't been since the '80's!! Used to go there as a teen and fall in love with the local boys.


I chose to go with xp because of the editorials I read about Vista being very anal, constantly reminding you and asking if you really wanted to do whatever it is you wanted to do. But I will probably get a Vista computer for the library when i buy new ones after christmas.

glad to read you again.

Margaret said...

No experience with Vista yet, everything's running XP. I am very happy using my laptop as my primary computer though, with the addition of a wireless mouse/keyboard, and just bought a 500GB external hard-drive to back up all the photos, music etc. Throw in a wireless router and it's great being able to move around the house.

yarn4kalei said...

De-lurking to tell you definitely go with XP. Not only is it overbearing (as mentioned above-always clicking ok to everything) but it doesn't play nice with external devices. My hubby is a techie and 2nds my opinion that there are all kinds of problems with vista. :0) Love your blog! Good luck on the computer search.

Robin said...

You can try out Vista but I bet you'll go XP! My son reverted his laptop back to XP and I've heard many, many others are doing the same. My daughter however, likes it on her laptop?!

emmy said...

I have been missing you here! That is a lovely picture.

When I got my new laptop at the end of last year it came with a free upgrade to Vista when it was launched what back in March or so. I have not upgraded my dh (also works in computers) advised me to wait because it would be "buggy" for awhile and from what I have beem hearing I am glad that I didn't go with it. I love my laptop as my primary computer and at first I never thought I would. My keyboard is large and I use my touchpad with more ease than a mouse. I guess it is what you are used to and your personal preference. :) Good luck in your search and YAY! that your data was saved!!!

LindaM said...

I don't think you can buy a new pc with XP, can you? They all come with Vista... so your options are limited - you'll get Vista and if you don't like it, you'd have to revert back to XP. Grace has Vista on her laptop and I think she likes it fine - but a lot of the software we already have won't run on Vista and I know the VPN software we use for work does not currently run on Vista. If you are going to be telecommuting you might check with your company to make sure your VPN works on Vista. Might be the deciding factor!

Gina said...

Welcome back!

Leslie Shelor said...

Lovely photo! Sympathy on the computer crash and I'm glad they were able to save your stuff!