Monday, August 13, 2007

Fall Fiber Frolics

(what's with me and all the alliteration lately?)


I've got to make some decisions here, people. Autumn is rapidly approaching, and there are so many fiber events on the calendar (yay!) that I need to make a decision about which one(s) I want to attend.

Here's what's on the calendar, so far:

This list doesn't even include another knitting retreat that a local Stitch 'n Bitch group is having down at the beach, the same weekend as Stitches East. I'd already decided there were too many other fiber events going on to even consider that one.

Plus, there are some great classes being offered locally. Our local knitting guild is having a special workshop in early September on top-down Aran cardigans. Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg is having Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably workshops in late September. One LYS, The Knitting Basket is having a class on Thrummed Mittens, also in late September -- something that appeals to my always-cold-in-winter hands. And of course, our four other area yarn shops all offer a host of good classes. A knitter could go wild (and broke), taking them all!

It's a fun problem to have so many options to choose from. Which shall I attend? Chances are, the closer the event is to home, the higher probability of my attending. But, ya never know -- I could easily be talked into something farther away, if I'm feeling adventurous.

Which will you be attending?


Ranger Susie said...

Personally I think you should avoid Stitches East, not because there's anything wrong with it, but because that's the same weekend as the National Folk Festival. This is the last year it will be in Richmond, at my stomping grounds, the Tredegar Iron Works.

Lots of great stuff to buy, too! ;)

Robin said...

I'm not sure which one I'll make, events for this fall all hinge on this new grandbaby's arrival! When it does get here I'll be spending more time in Richmond! I have Robin's event on the calendar!

Nikki said...

I'm going to SAFF for the first time this year. A couple friends invited me and I could NOT say no. Especially since my regular vacation the next week got cancelled.

emmy said...
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lemmie said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for putting this list together. Fall is approaching fast! I'll be going to Montpelier. I'm also thinking about Knitting at the Beach and Carodan Farm's KnitXperience since they're such cool people. The one in Berkshires, MA sounds great too! Let us know which ones you'll be attending!

Sneaksleep said...

I think I'm already committed to fo the the Fall Fiber Festival. I'd love to do Rhinebeck again, but I have no idea what my schedule and budget are going to be like at that point. There definitely won't be any money for retreats, though.

Margaret said...

Count on me for Montpelier on Saturday and Stitches East for the duration (gotta work The Needle Lady booth part of the time.) I may be about yarned out after that plus I'll be traveling during the others. Might have to plan for SAFF next year though.

Robin said...

That wedding is just planned for the wrong month! Son didn't consult me. I would LOVE to go back to Asheville for SAFF. Read such great things about Rhinebeck. Oh, all of them sound great!

Leslie Shelor said...

Would love to go to Montpelier, but I'm pretty sure I'll be heading to SAFF. SAFF is really my favorite, though!

Sandra said...

SAFF is wonderful as is the Montpelier Fiber Festival. Shenandoah is a great start up but conflicts with SAFF. I'm going to SAFF and will take classes this year; some years I teach.

BTW, I'm demonstrating at the National Folk Festival in Richmond this year; looking forward to a Most Wonderful Time!