Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Counting Our Blessings

Had an email from my brother this morning. It seems his #2 son was making a left turn out of James River High School on Robious Rd. yesterday afternoon, coming home from football practice, and was broadsided by a van. Van driver just had a small scratch. #2 son has a severe concussion and the burden of knowing he totaled his older brother's white pickup. But no broken bones and no organ damage. A miracle, to be sure, based on the the damage to the truck.

Very scary stuff.

I've been plugging along today, doing my work, and then every half hour or so I'll remember about the accident and shoot about ten grateful prayers of thanks heavenward. My most recent jolt of remembrance brought tears to my eyes, perhaps after finally realizing the full potential of what could have been. A small taste of what his parents must be feeling.

Thank you, God, for protecting my nephew.


Ranger Susie said...

Oh no! How scary for all of you. I hope your nephew recovers quickly.

Robin said...

Oh Mary....I'm so glad he's okay! I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers! Tell him not to worry, trucks can be replaced...he can't be!

Nikki said...

I'm glad he's Ok. That truck could've saved him a lot more medical problems. and Robin's right, trucks can be replaced!

Margaret said...

Very scary! I hope he recovers quickly, as a concussion can make you feel pretty bad, and not just about mashing your brother's truck! I'll echo Robin, there are a lot of new trucks.

Robin said...

People just fly down that road! I'm so glad he's basically OK.

jane said...

Oh no!!!! I'm so glad is going to be ok! That's very near where the big deer committted suicide with Bob's truck! What a scary road. I know it will take his poor parents (and auntie) a long time for the fear of "what if" to pass. We missed you last night! Jane

Suzann said...

I am so glad you nephew is ok. Very scary indeed.
Blessings on you and all your family

Sunflowerfairy said...

((You and your family))

Somebody was watching out for him.