Thursday, November 01, 2007

John C. Campbell Folk School - Day 4

Yet another glorious day here in Brasstown, NC.

Today, I set this little demon aside:

and moved to a single-treadle Lendrum, which I like a whole lot more than that back-breaking Louet. It helps that I'm now a little familiar with the Lendrum after Sunday's class at SAFF, although that Lendrum was a double-treadle. And I do really like the Lendrum ergonomics, with that bigger wheel leaning towards me.

I drum-carded the rest of my flicked white Corriedale fiber, and spun up most of it into singles, and then plied it. Alas, I forgot to take a picture of the white 2-ply today -- maybe tomorrow. It's a definite improvement over Sunday's atrocious "yarn", but is still a beginner's yarn.

Here's a bobbin of singles being spun:

(or should I say "overspun")

While we spun (span? spinned? what is the correct past tense of "spin"? anyone?) this morning, instructor Annie gave us a brief & interesting lecture to go with the handouts she gave us on "How to Knit an Appalachian Shawl". And this afternoon, she gave us her presentation on "Knitting: From the Sacred to the Profane", (originally given to her spinning guild). Very interesting! I wish she'd publish it sometime, because I'd love to see it again. I did get some good book references from it that I will be following up on, including one called "Women's Work: The First 20,000 Years", which looks fascinating, if you're into textile history.

Also this afternoon, I pulled off a little bit of that teal roving I bought at SAFF and spun a few yards of it before calling it a day. That little tease of color was enough to make me want more, more, more, so tomorrow, I'm going to try spinning with that all day, on the Lendrum, and on any other wheels I can get my hands on. And perhaps a drop spindle, as well.

I have more of the gray Corriedale fiber left that still needs to be carded, but I'd rather spend what's left of my time tomorrow spinning. And since I feel it's a very safe assumption that I'll never be processing a fleece straight off the sheep, I think I'll send what's left of my raw, uncarded fiber home with one of my classmates -- perhaps Sheri, who can ply it with some of her llama fiber -- she's already got a wheel at home. (And I have too much stuff to bring home on the plane as it is.) So, I believe I'll be spinning processed roving, from now on.

Speaking of Sheri, here she is flanked by instructor Annie and co-instructor Susan, proudly showing her plied llama & corriedale yarn on the niddy noddy:

(that's Annie's Ashford wheel in front of them)

And here are a couple of Annie's beautiful shawls:

lovely lace

Appalachian shawl

Tonight, after yet another delicious folk school dinner, several of us knitters met again in the Keith House library and knitted and chatted and gossiped and laughed for a couple hours before heading off to bed. Such a fun group of gals -- I will miss them after tomorrow. (...*sob*!...)

One more day here, and then it's back up to Asheville for a tour of Biltmore's Christmas decor on Saturday; flying home on Sunday. I'm sure I'll be ready for home by then, but right now, I'd love to stay down here at the folk school a few more days. I just need to carefully plan my next trip to the folk school. So, who's with me? ;-)

Oh, and about yesterday's quiz -- so far, no correct answers, although one was fairly close, so I'll keep the competition open until, say, Sunday or Monday. Again, first comment with the correct answer will be considered the winner, so, vote early and often.



Issy said...

Ooh shawls! And a lace one too! I love both of them.
The day's spinning looks great!
I have a feeling you'll be back down there again soon!

Bess said...

Let's go up to Stony Mt. Fibers and try all her wheels!! Call ahead and you can try everything she sells. It's a great saturday trip.

Robin said...

I know you are having such a wonderful time, your spinning looks wonderful!

Linda M said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous.

My quess for the quiz. Manure. Maybe petrified? :-)

rho said...

ok - I'll change my moose droppings to rabbit droppings then LOL

I swear I don't have animal droppings -- But I saw some moose dropping jewelry once and it looked similar :D

rho said...

oh shoot not enough caffeine in my system -- I MEANT to say that I don't have an animal dropping fascination ....

Margaret said...

I prefer double to single treadle and definitely like my Lendrum better than my Louet Victoria (but she's really teeny). For me it's orifice height rather than wheel size that makes me not feel like hunching over the wheel.

Issy said...

How about a coffee bean?

Nikki said...

You're singles are looking great!

Have fun at the Biltmore!