Friday, November 02, 2007

John C. Campbell Folk School - Day 5

Last day at the folk school, I'm very sad to say. Morning dawned with a blanket of mountain mist over the entire region:

I had to get picture of this road sign, which made me chuckle every time I drove past it:

Apparently, even rural little Brasstown has a rush hour, right at Clay's Corner at the intersection of Brasstown Road and Old Highway 64. I've yet to see it.

Once inside the studio, I had to get a few more pictures of my 2-ply handspun, which I'm pretty proud of:

I then spun up a partial bobbin of my teal roving on the Lendrum, and a second partial bobbin on instructor Annie's single-treadle Ashford Traditional, and I have to say, I really like that Ashford, perhaps as much as the Lendrum.

I then plied the two bobbins together and made this little skein:

I am pleased and proud

Also this morning, we students gathered secretly in the herb garden next to Davidson Hall, (where our studio is located), and practiced a fiber-related song that Sheri wrote the night before, to be sung to our instructors:
Teachers Annie and Susan were appropriately enthusiastic. :-)

At the end of the day, we set up a display of our wonderful handspun yarns and a few of the beginners' knitting projects up at the Keith House meeting hall, along with displays of other classes' projects. Some lovely things! I took lots of pictures, and will post them out to Flickr and link to them in a later post.

There was also a little concert provided by the bluegrass class, and we got to finally hear the melody that goes along with the thumping bass and foot tapping we'd been hearing through our ceiling all week. Seemed like a fun class.

In fact, all the classes seem like fun, and I absolutely, positively want to come back. More fiber classes, for sure -- I really want to take their next fair isle class. And a few non-fiber-related classes also appeal, including beginning mandolin and calligraphy. I need to pace myself, but boy, I'd love to come back again next year, at least once. I am looking forward to getting their latest catalog, which should be mailed out sometime in the next few weeks.

Tonight I ate one final dinner with my fellow folk school students and instructors, and then reluctantly got in my car and left the beautiful cocoon that is Brasstown and the Folk School, for points northeast. I am now safely nestled in my Asheville hotel, and am verrrry ready to turn out the lamp and go to sleep.

But before I go, I must tell you -- we have a winner! There were quite a few very clever guesses as to what are the actual "stones" in Annie's earrings (photo in Wednesday's post). A few of you came very close, but only one person got it exactly right, and it is Margaret. She guessed that the stones are sheep poo, and she is correct. Dried and varnished sheep poo, if that helps one get over the ick factor. Even varnished, I don't know that I could wear such earrings.

Anyway -- congratulations, Margaret! I'll post a picture for you of the several tops I purchased, and you may have your pick.

Tomorrow -- Biltmore!



Edited later to add:

Photo slideshow of my week at the John C. Campbell Folk School can be seen here.



Bess said...

Sigh. What a simply perfect vacation you've had. thank you so much for taking me along.

Issy said...

I 've had a great week with you. Can't wait to see your handspun in person. It looks excellent!

Congrats to Margaret--oh pooh!

Nikki said...

sounds like a wonderful week!!!

Robin said...

WOW...I'm envious and SO proud of you!! Your spinning looks much better than my first spinning.

Okay...congratulations Margaret, I don't think I will be wearing sheep poo in my ears! I thought it but would have never thought it was sheep poo...

Have a great time at the Biltmore!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Thanks for sharing your week with us. It sounds like a wonderful place.

Margaret said...

Thanks all! What a wonderful week! You should be pleased and proud. As for the wheels, both are great wheels that could grow with you. Love my Lendrum though.
Biltmore is beautiful anytime, but must be especially so with holiday decorations!

Linda M said...

Fairisle class? Oh, I'd LOVE to do that!!! I've ordered a catalog as well... can't wait to see what's scheduled for next year. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience - I hope I can join the ranks of 'student' next year!