Sunday, November 18, 2007


As promised a week ago, here is some of the loot from my recent foray into western North Carolina, purchased either at SAFF, at the John C. Campbell Folk School craft shop, or somewhere in Asheville:

superwash wool from Brooks Farm's booth at SAFF
(as soft as merino!)


2 oz. cashmere roving
from The Trading Post's booth @ SAFF

bottom whorl drop spindle earrings
from Susan's Fiber Shop booth at SAFF

various books & DVDs

"Least Ones" - tiny carved animals
from Folk School craft shop

lovely turned little wooden bowl
from Folk School craft shop

lapel pin for my friend D. (^ about actual size)
from Folk School craft shop

guitar earrings for me (^larger than actual size)
from Folk School craft shop

ceramic teapot whistle - front & back
from Folk School craft shop

wooden tops - static & spinning
from Folk School craft shop
(Margaret -- pick out your prize!)


Malabrigo & Koigu purchased at Yarn Paradise in Asheville

pattern book purchased at Yarn Paradise
specifically for ^this cute pattern


I also picked up a few cards and postcards from various places, including Yarn Circle down in Murphy, the Folk School craft shop, and from Biltmore's gift shop, but for the life of me, I can't find them right now, so, please just imagine some pretty scenic postcards. :-)

Since I've been home, I've been hotly pursuing some lovely, elusive drop spindles on the internet, and finally made some choices which should arrive sometime this week, I hope. I'll show those here, when they arrive.

An easier choice to make was the purchase of this lovely pencil roving from Crown Mountain Farm which just arrived on Friday, and which I'm itching to try:

colorways (L-R): "As Above So Below", "Plane of Bliss"

And here's something I didn't realize I already owned, until just the other day:

spinning chair

I purchased that chair at a neighborhood antique store about five years ago, just because I liked its unique look and thought it would go well in my house, which has a sort of log cabin feel with its pine floors & cabinets, (seen above), pine wainscoting, pine interior doors and, in two rooms, pine & beam ceilings. When I bought the chair, I didn't know the chair's original purpose, or why it had such a funny back.

But sometime in the past week I saw a picture on the internet of a spinning chair, and it all clicked. I said to myself -- "I have one of those!" I'd purchased it back before I'd learned how to knit, back before I had the slightest interest in fiber play of any kind. Interesting, don't you think? It's actually not the real deal, I don't think -- doesn't seem sturdy enough for that. I think it's just a cheap decorative item, but I still like it.

Now I just need a wheel to go with it! But I feel no hurry to leap into such a momentous and expensive purchase. I plan on taking my sweet time and enjoying the process of test-driving wheels at as many places as I can get to over the next year.

And here at home, I need to clear a space for such an item, to make room for another new hobby in my house and in my life. I'm not as bad as that woman on Oprah this week who'd hoarded 75 tons and three tractor-trailer loads full of crap inside her 3,000 sq.ft. house, but I do, (ahem), need to do some purging and organizing (see: missing postcards, above).

So, for now, I will happily make yarn on a drop spindle. :-)


Robin said...

WOW~WOW~WOW!!! I don't know what I love the really bought some fantastic items!
I'm so glad you had such a great trip, I'm ready to go back!

Keep on Spinnin'!!

Nikki said...

What great stuff!! I was oggling some of your stash on Ravelry the other day and do remember seeing these lovelies!

I can't wait to see your drop spindle(s)!

There are a lot of places you can rent a wheel, maybe that'd be a good "next step" after you play with a lot of them?

Courtney said...

How is that Book of Yarn? I've been meaning to get a look at it, but it was out of stock when I was at Borders yesterday.

Bess said...

I want to go spinning wheel browsing with you! I love to do that.

Loved your haul.

Loved the earings!!

Loved your books. that blue book of spinning essays has one written by my sister. the one on icelandic spinning. I didn't know it was there and when I bought the book and was reading it i thought ... Hey. I know those hands. only then did I look at the author's name. what a hoot!

Liz R. said...

Wow!! You got some great stuff!! I love the drop spindle earrings! I hope you have lots of fun spinning that roving. I've wanted to learn how to spin but I don't think I can afford another addictive hobby!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the kitties!!

cathy said...

Just wanted to say hi! Beautiful rovings. Cashmere... I'm imagining how much fun that will be to spin!

Margaret said...

Ooooh! Aaaaah! You got some great loot there! You are going to love how easy it is to spin the pencil roving, almost like cheating. You can also knit it as is for felting!

Ranger Susie said...

I love those spindle earrings. And the wooden tops.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!

Sandra said...

WOW! I'd sure like to shop with you...I'd learn a lot!
The roving is beautifuland it's impressive how much you crammed into a weekend. I've been having trouble posting to your blog; commented on my blog, just in case this doesn't go through...again.
Merry Christmas!