Friday, April 06, 2007

Richmond, We Have a Problem....

Remember this F.O. from the other day?

Remember my mentioning that I was going to wet block it because I thought the crown seemed a little wonky?

Today I finished weaving in the ends and gave it a good Eucalan soak, and the hat has grown.

A lot.

there's a blue glass wig form underneath there, somewhere
(you can see the nose pokin' out a little, on the left)


Of course, before I fret, I should consider whether my 10-year-old niece recipient might gain invaluable street cred while wearing this monstrosity:

Yo, yo, yo! Wazzup, homefrog?

Or perhaps she'd like to emulate Dumb Donald:

But she's too young to remember or appreciate Lidsville:

Sid & Marty Krofft would be so proud of my accomplishment

Right now I've got the thing drying, upside-down, on a rack in my dryer. Fingers crossed....

Oh, and I found a dropped stitch.

Could this be another hat destined for charity?


Liz R. said...

Do you know any Coneheads you can give it to? How about a six or seven head?

Nikki said...

Oh no! I've got my fingers crossed too!

Margaret said...


Knit on an eyelet row for a drawstring and it will make a cute felted bag? :)

Garter stitch rather than reverse stockinette won't grow as much.

Robin said...

WHAHAPPENED????? Good gracious those ridges r.e.l.a.x.e.d!!!! Tack that dropped stitch, do the eyelet rows, and go for the bag. Is it wool??? A little felting perhaps???

Bess said...

eventually it will curl back up again - because that is the nature of stockinette stitching. Dis-Ir-Regardless. It will curl. I never wet block hats unless I need to smooth them out or if they are very dirty.

Mary deB said...

Wet it lightly again and pinch the ridges back into shape. Might work!