Sunday, April 01, 2007

Patsy's Yarn Sale

Two very dangerous words, when used in the same sentence: Yarn Sale. Especially when one has recently spent an obscene amount on sale yarns.

But, when a spinner and fellow Tuesday Night Knitter has a yarn sale, with lots of pretty hand-painted handspun, you go shopping!

Here is some of her bounty:

Here, our hostess Patsy discusses a pattern's yarn requirements with shopper and fellow TNK'er Susan:

You may recall Patsy showing us a recently finished, beautiful handknit sweater one Tuesday knit night this February:
*Believe it or not, she's selling it! Verrrry tempting....

After we shopped and ate a little birthday cake, (Happy April Fool's Birthday, Patsy!), she gave us a little spinning demonstration on her Majacraft wheel:

Looks like fun!

As we were leaving, we were met with the arrival of two other guests, looking for handouts:

mid-chomp of breadcrumb

Fear not, I did not leave empty-handed. I scored these two cute patterns:

And some of Patsy's pretty hand-painted handspun Australian wool top:

Extreme close-up

Okay, that's it! I'm not buying any more yarn!

(At least not today.)

Tomorrow, I'll have a finished object to show.

Right now, I'm going to continue watching Planet Earth. A fabulous series -- don't miss it.

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Robin said...

WOW! Why do I live so far away?