Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival, 2007

I left Richmond Friday afternoon and drove west, to the sweet land of Liberty...
...(Lynchburg, VA), where my sister and her family live.

Saturday morning we drove another 14 miles northwest, over hill and dale:

Until we reached Big Island, VA, home of the Sedalia Center:

to attend the Spring Fiber Festival.

While there, we saw lots of cute animals: (click any picture to make bigger)

Here's that little guy crying for his mother:
(Feedblitz subscribers click here to watch embedded video)

We also spied a few knit-bloggers in their natural habitat:

Emmy, Pam & Robin H.

My sister came with me, (although she's essentially a non-knitter), along with her 13-year-old daughter (a beginner knitter), and the kid was eager to see the animals and take lots and lots of pictures of them. I love animals as much as the next person, but I had to remind them both that there were also people there selling things I was particularly interested in -- you know -- the YARN! Hello?! ;-)

(Does this hat look familiar?)

The weather was similar to last year's event, although quite a bit colder, I think. And me, caught without my mittens. So I ended up buying some felted woven mittens from Kim Harrison's booth.

Here is my modest haul from the day:

mittens and yarn

woven, felted mittens
from weaver Kim Harrison (no web presence)

440 yards handpainted sock yarn (75%/25% wool/nylon)
from The Flock Bransonas (no web presence)
colorway: "Olivia"


120 yards wool/mohair
from Kid Hollow Farm
colorway: "Kiwi" (above)
colorway: "Chico" (below):

(being wrestled by Ali the cat)

The niece picked out that last yarn for a hat to be knit by yours truly. (The gift knitting never ends!) (But I don't really mind.)

I took more pictures than are shown here, (no! really?), so if you're interested, you can see more of them on Flickr, here.

I was very thankful that this fiber festival wasn't the mudbowl of last fall's, and had a lovely time, as expected. Fiber festivals are my favorite thing to do, and so I'm eagerly looking forward to the next one in just a few weeks! I hope to see you there!


Krista said...

Blech, did you have to use that picture of me?! Had fun seeing you there! Won't be able to go to MD, though so have fun!

Robin said...

Had a GREAT time...I'm glad I got to see you! We really need another sit-n-knit again...soon! Next time I'm coming through Richmond I'll email you my cell #!
Nice haul...was was very reserved on this trip!

Nikki said...

I missed seeing you there! :(

I took the drop spindle class and knowing what the weather was going to be like I didn't want to make too many plans.

Looks like you got a good selection and I LOVE the lamb video. I had my camera and just did not think to take any pictures!

IndigoMuse said...

You got some great pictures (not counting the one of me). I was too darn cold to really think and function very well so I'm glad you helped me remember all of the wonderful stuff. I behaved myself because I too am planning to go to MS&W in May. Hope to see you there (and hope its a whole lot warmer). Great seeing you live and in the flesh :)


KnitNana said...

Ah! Did I see you? (Unless YOU TOLD ME....I wouldn't have known!)
I was in the Pavilion, tho', so I suspect I did...
What a day it was, so cold and rainy and WINDY!)