Monday, January 07, 2008

Hawaii flashback = cure for blogger's block

Happy 2008!

I will not be posting any lists in this, my first post of the New Year. For some reason, I'm in no mood for lists. There will be no look-at-what-I-knit/learned/spun-in-2007 list, nor any what-I-want-to-knit/learn/spin-in-2008 list.

Just life as usual. The status quo. Frankly, I'm still trying to catch up with things held over from last year. I don't really have that fresh-clean feeling of a new year, that I've had in years past.

I'm back in my boring, post-holiday, day-in, day-out routine, and am more than a little blocked for decent blog content, (perhaps I should reconsider the lists?), so tonight, when I started looking at some old photos from my last trip to Hawaii, I thought, "Eureka! Blog fodder!"

Regular readers may recall that I lived there (Kailua-Kona) for a couple of years, ('90-'92). I've been back several times since, and most recently, (in June/July '03) for my old roommate's wedding. Some friends came with me and, after the wedding, we played tourist around the Big Island. I never get tired of the place.

Here's a few reasons why:

beautiful Kona sunsets

beautiful Waimea, (aka Kohala),
reminds me of the Blue Ridge Mountains


lovely mural on the side of a gas station at Waiohinu

Waipio Valley

island artwork in Honoka'a

weird heart-shaped fruit
(being modeled by my friend Jill)

ferns in the Thurston Lava Tube at Volcanoes National Park

life clings tenaciously to the side of Kilauea caldera

south end of a northbound horse under a sideways tree at South Point

For my next post, if I'm still blocked, maybe I'll post pictures from my friend's wedding....


Bess said...

what a beautiful place to live. Thanks for the photos.

Syd said...

Wow! I'm ready to move. Beautiful pictures!

Margaret said...

OK, a little desperate, but beautiful!

Robin said...

You'll have plenty of blog material after this weekend!!!!