Sunday, January 27, 2008

Squirrel Update

I forgot to post an update earlier in the week on the squirrel situation here at Chez Tiny-'n-Cluttered.

After the critter control guy left last Friday, and as I was packing and getting ready to leave for my long weekend, I continued to hear scurrying and scrambling in the general vicinity of the fireplace. Just before I drove off, I walked around to the backside of the chimney and took one last peek into the trap. Bingo! A furry varmint captured and ready for liberation! I called the critter control folks and they agreed to return the following day to release the squirrel and cap my chimney. I also had them re-screen my bathroom exhaust fan vent (where the starlings like to congregate in the spring), and my gable vents (where bats supposedly like to roost).

The hatches are now sufficiently battened down against another season of wild animal infestation.

I love a happy ending.


Robin said...

I forgot about the squirrel! Glad there was a happy ending of freedom!

Robin said...

Maybe you should name your abode..."Virgin Habitat" or "Mary's House For The Feathered & Furry"!!
You know it's all that wool & yarn you are hoarding up...they want it!

cathy said...

I'm glad you were able to liberate your house from the squirrel and vice versa, without harm to either. I love those little scamps, even if they sometimes make a bit of mischief.