Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TNK Two-fer

Two. Two. Two TNK posts-in-one!

I failed to blog about last week's Tuesday Night Knitters gathering, so will combine it into one blog post along with a report on last night's TNK gathering.

Last week, we had a good-sized crowd:

look at all those busy knitters!

Our avid shawl-knitter Isobel recently finished a Midwinter's Eve mystery shawl, but didn't like the color, so she gave it to Patsy, in exchange for some of Patsy's handspun yarn in a lovely tonal orange. It's a singles yarn that appears to be maybe aran weight and reminds me of Manos, and Issy says she'll be making a vest with it. Wish I'd remembered to photograph the yarn.

Anyway, here's Patsy modeling her new Issy-knit shawl:

love it!

Also not recorded for posterity at last week's knit night was a really cool demonstration of the value of sweater shavers. Linda brought an old pair of handknit socks, one of which looked every bit its age -- i.e. covered in fuzzy pills. The other sock, however, looked brand-spanking, never-been-worn, just-knit, bright-and-shiny new. All thanks to a little de-pilling with the sweater shaver. I am sold! Linda says she may bring her little show-and-tell this weekend, and if so, I'll be sure to get photos then. (What's happening this weekend, you ask? I'll get to that in a moment...).

At last night's gathering, we had an equally large and boisterous crowd:

Hi everybody!

You may recall this photo from about a month ago, of Jon knitting a Hokie scarf for a friendly B&N employee who requested it:

Well, Jon finished it fairly quickly, and last night we were finally able to present Wayne with his new scarf. Doesn't he look handsome?

it says "TNK" on it!

it looks especially nice with his overcoat :-)

In return, Wayne has been sneaking little niceties for us here and there. One of our members spotted this last night on the best selling paperbacks shelf:

and last week, Wayne reserved our tables for us before we'd even arrived. I wish I'd taken a photo of the cute little sign he made. (I was just not on the photographic ball last week...).

Last night, a few of our knitters modeled various knitted items:

Jane and her lovely Arwen-in-progress

Linda models her Stripes & Bobbles scarf from Scarf Style
(knit for her by her friend Cindy)

Lou worked on her log cabin blanket-in-progress

Finally, when I got in my car to leave last night, I noticed that my odometer had turned over to this nice round number:

It's a Toyota, so I'm hoping I'll get another 50K out of it before I need to replace it. So far, so good. My next car will be a hybrid, or maybe hydrogen-powered, if it holds out long enough....

This weekend I'll be a few hundred miles closer to that encroaching 100K mark when I drive down to Clarksville for our knitting group's 2nd Annual Knitting at the Lake retreat. If interested, you can read about last year's event, starting here.

Can't wait!


Margaret said...

Your TNK group looks like lots of fun. I never think to take my camera to our SnB. One of these days...

jane said...

Thanks for showing me my Arwen...maybe I will like it, I have not knitted ONE stitich since Monday and now snow day today! Can I steal that picture for my blog and Ravelry????? Jane

Issy said...

Jane's Arwen looks fantastic!! Even unfinished!
I really love the pattern of the shawl I gave to Patsy, so I WILL be knitting it again. In a colour I like!!
Your'e Toyota will probably go for another 100k. They are hard to kill!

Robin C said...

Thanks Mary for taking the pictures. It makes me miss everyone a little less. But I will be seeing you all for the weekend starting tomorrow. YEAH!
I can't wait. Is it Friday yet?

Ranger Susie said...

Aww, what a nice sign! Wayne is awesome!