Monday, January 21, 2008

Knitting on the Lake 2008 - Sunday

Sunday, here in Clarksville on Kerr Lake (aka Buggs Island Lake) was another fun day. Our large group gathered once again in the hotel's conference room to knit and chat and visit and spin and spend. Folks packed up and left in dribs and drabs by early afternoon, but a small group of us remained, to stay another night so that we might partake in another adventure today, Monday.

Sunday afternoon I was given a special treat. Robin H., who lives in nearby Buffalo Junction, gave me the grand tour of her wonderful old home, built in 1790, and equally wonderful studio (bigger than my house!), and also introduced me to three of her furry children:

Earl Gray, George & Gracie
(George is licking his chops in anticipation of treats in Robin's hand)

Her kitties are so cute, and anyone who regularly reads Robin's blog has seen George & Gracie grow from tee-tiny kittens to the adolescent cats that they are today, full of energy, mischief and spunk, while the older Earl Gray tolerates them patiently.

George especially likes to play with Robin's feather-duster:

and is particularly cute after he's captured his "prey". He will carry it around the room proudly as if he stalked & killed it himself:

before mama Robin must rescue the feather duster from a messy demise.

I also got to meet Robin's husband Andy, and was able to talk them both into joining Rita, Phyllis, Dave & myself for dinner at the Lake House restaurant again.

After dinner we said our goodbyes and thank-yous to Robin & Andy, and headed on back to the hotel.

Since my bedroom had a king bed (rather than two queens like most of the rooms), I had a little sitting area where I entertained "houseguests":

Rita, Phyllis & Dave

as we knit, crocheted, spun and chatted late into the evening.

Rita & Phyllis are members of our Richmond knitting group who have both since moved to other parts of the country, so it was a special treat to have them attend this fibery weekend.

Phyllis' husband Dave is a masterful crocheter, and worked all weekend on this beautiful baby blanket:

Today, the four of us are checking out of our hotel and heading to our various final destinations by way of a mutual side trip to Murfreesboro, NC, to visit The Woolery, home of all things fibery and good. Phyllis & Dave are also weavers and spinners, and so will have lots at that shop to capture their fancy, no doubt. I, myself may test-drive a few spinning wheels, although I'm not sure if I'm ready yet to buy. But I wouldn't be surprised if a spindle or two came home with me.... And maybe some fiber....

Anyway, I'd better end this so I can start my day! Later!


Nikki said...

I'm impatient. What came home from the Woolery with you???

it looks like y'all had a great trip!

Issy said...

I wish I could have stayed another day with you guys! Don't spend too much at the Woolery! (yeah right!)