Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday Night Knitters get ready for Christmas!

Another fun gathering of the Tuesday Night Knitters, and everyone was busy working on some great projects.

Here, Deb is knitting a scarf on U.S. size 35 (19 mm) needles (!) and holding seven different strands of yarn together:

(I believe she was inspired by Gina Bonomo's recent creation, a 45-minute scarf made with size 50 needles, knit while holding together 15 strands of yarn! Fast, but, ouch!)

Here's Katie, who's got two of her finished shawls on the table in front of her while she works on a third:

The purple-y one on the left, and the orange-y one she's currently knitting are her own pattern -- knit lengthwise, using various bits of stash/scrap yarn, K5, P5, and then drop every fifth stitch while binding off. It reminds me of a cross between an Ab-Fab throw and a Clapotis. Very pretty, very easy, and a stash-buster, to boot. Can't beat that!

The purple shawl on the right is a Delta shawl, and has a lovely shape, I think, (more easily seen if you follow that link, scroll down and click on "Delta Shawl" to see a picture of it.)

Renny wins the mother-of-the-year award for agreeing to knit a cotton afghan for her daughter:

Cotton! Afghan-sized! I'm so spoiled by wool, I can barely knit a dishcloth anymore without my hands aching. It is definitely pretty, and what a wonderful keepsake.

Sheddy, Grace and Sherry worked on various projects down at their end of the table:

Grace has discovered that Burly Spun also knits up fast and goes far!

Jon has been quite the busy knitter. Here's the log cabin blanket he knit for his mother for Christmas:

-- which included ruffles, bobbles, and rosettes along the edges. Another stash-buster project.

Jon has also graciously agreed to answer a request our group received from a friendly Barnes & Noble employee, who asked us to knit him a scarf in Hokie colors:

Reminds me of a Harry Potter scarf -- is there a maroon and orange house, by chance? (I've not read any of the books...).

And last night was my first time seeing Jon's Skully sweater:

I believe he won a ribbon at the Chesterfield County Fair for that. Ain't it great? The man definitely has some mad knitting skillz.

Linda is knitting a very pretty pair of Melinda mittens, using Berocco Memoirs yarn in colors that I'm loving:

The cool thing about these mittens is that they're knit flat and seamed up the inside of the thumb and the outside of the mitten. Good for those who may not like using double points or knitting in the round....

Check out these earrings that Linda was wearing:

Yep, that's Santa in his all-together, with what I believe may be a strategically-placed stocking. Reminds me of a certain, naughty yet humorous Christmas video that's gained some popularity. (There's also an uncensored version, if you dare...).

And with that, I bid you all a very knitty Christmas!


Krista said...

No Maroon and orange in HP but it's a very nice scarf indeed!

Robin said...

Missed you all! Jon is amazing and the B&N employee will just love that great Hokie scarf. Love seeing what everyone is working on. Linda's earrings are a hoot! So was that video!