Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Festivus for the rest of us

Today is Festivus, the fictitious holiday for the rest-of-us.

In keeping with my extended family's traditionally non-traditional observation of holidays on days other than the correct date, we held our Christmas celebration yesterday, at my parents' house. It might easily have been confused with a Festivus celebration. There was no traditional festivus pole, but we did have the airing of grievances, and the feats of strength.

Two weeks ago, we celebrated my dad's birthday and gave him a new printer to replace his troublesome old one, (a grievance aired), and yesterday, the old printer met its final reward, (via feats of strength):

Dad got the first whack

After a few more clubbings...

...and kicks...

...and punches...

the carcass

the carnage

my souvenir

And here's a little video:

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This event not only satisfied any Festivus celebration requirements, but was also our little homage to the movie Office Space, and specifically the amusing printer scene, (which can be viewed here; I should mention that the soundtrack's rap lyrics are not for delicate ears).

That was definitely fun. And now, the only question remaining is, can Dad's new printer handle printing cover sheets for his TPS reports? (Another slightly obscure Office Space reference.)

After that silliness, we did enjoy more traditional Christmas activities, including eating yummy treats:

the frenzied gift opening by the grandkids:

the annual look-how-much-they've-grown photo of the grandkids:

and the traditional nephew beat-down:

arms held by his loving father

What? That's not one of your family traditions? Hmmm....

Seriously, though -- no one sustained any injuries this Christmas, thank God, unlike a previous Christmas gathering in recent history. It's definitely more fun when no one is carted off in an ambulance.

May your Christmas celebration be wonderful, warm and safe.

And Happy Festivus!


Robin said...

Happy Festivus and Merry Christmas! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration...
I was visioning the part in Office Space from the pictures, even before getting to your commentary!

Margaret said...

OMG, I am such a late adopter on the Festivus thing! Airing of the grievances indeed! This sounds exactly like my family's gatherings.

Actually Mom got here today and we've been peacefully playing bridge and eating way too many carbs. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and I'm glad no one is in the ER!

Anne Margaret said...

Your blog has kept me in stitches (pun intended!) - thanks for a wondeful year.

Did you know that you can get marvelously similar results with a printer if you hand one and a screwdriver to a 7-year-old? FUN!

Though the grandkid shot was heart-warming, the nephew beat down is by far my favorite of your festivities. My (large, adult)brothers still make me the "meat in their best friend sandwich" as my husband looks on. I get positively squished until I can't breathe and then I break free to recover on the couch. Can you feel the love?

Merry Christmas and a great 2008!

Gina said...

That printer story is hilarious! Merry Christmas, Mary!

Liz R. said...

Happy Festivus, Mary!! Who won in the Feats of Strength??

I hope you have a wonderul Christmas and a terrific 2008! We have to get together again soon; I am so happy to have you as a friend!

Issy said...

THe only thing better than a Festivus Celebration is a HUGE Festivus Celebration!! What fun.