Monday, December 17, 2007

Tuesday Night Knitters Celebrate Robin's Birthday!

Last Tuesday, (yes, this post is a week late -- what of it?), many folks from our knitting group got together to help Robin H. celebrate a momentous birthday. We had a wonderful dinner at Carraba's, (I had surf & turf -- the "surf" being shrimp & scallops -- can't beat that with a stick!), and a good time was had by all:
* Patsy, Cathy, birthday girl, Lou

Rita & Issy show off their Sursa shawls

After dinner, we proceeded to Barnes & Noble to knit for a couple of hours. Amy came and brought her adorable new daughter Zeva, and I had to envy Patsy who had the sweet baby asleep on her shoulder:

Patsy & Zeva -- what a head of hair!

Alice brought an array of finished objects, including three hats and this fantastic E.Z. Pi shawl being modeled by Issy:

Alice, Pi shawl & Issy

Lots more knitting and gabbing and socializing and general merriment occurred during the evening, but since much of that was not captured on camera for posterity, you'll just have to imagine the good time.

And now it's Tuesday again, time for another knit night. Hope to see you there!


Bess said...

Oh - I love that knitting group. I've only been twice and they all feel like important friends. Sigh. thank you for photos - pleasepleaseplease take LOTSLOTSLOTS tonight. and post em.

happy happy sigh

Ranger Susie said...

Oh what a beautiful baby! That pi shawl is really great. What yarn did she use?

Alice said...

Hi guys, I needed a haircut bad! I got one the next day!

For the Pi Shawl I used a yarn I got from Nancy's Knit Knacks that was labeled Digit. The yarn is manufactured by Jaggerspun and "redone" by NKK. It is a fingering weight 100% wool yarn, still available in many colors from NKK.


Robin said...

I had such a great time at my birthday dinner! There's nothing better than sharing time with knitting friends. Thank you, Mary, and others for my treat!