Tuesday, December 04, 2007



Mary, Mary, who is quiet, but not contrary.

The blog has been quiet for a couple weeks for a variety of reasons. Probably the main reason being that I just don't have much to show, nor tell. A nine-day trip to beautiful western North Carolina with lots of pretty pictures and fiber content is a hard act to follow, that's for sure, especially when you're back to the old snooze-fest of a routine at home.

I'm knitting, a tiny bit, and drop spindling some, too, but I have no FOs to show, so no blog fodder to share.

In a word -- boring.

But, I've had a lot on my mind. Various and sundry things, about life and family and birthday parties and football and work and fiber and lifestyle and living, all of which seem to be in a quiet state of flux. No major upheavals, as of yet, thank the good Lord.

Very recently, I've been seriously considering a permanent change of scenery.

To something like this:

That's actually the view from the dining room of a home I've been looking at.

Thaaaaat's right -- a lake house.

This house:
a somewhat unassuming exterior

Here are a couple of aerial shots:

zoomed out to show lake
(house has red X on roof)

zoomed in

The place has four bedrooms, three bathrooms. (My current home has just one of each.) So... lots more room for yarn. And fiber. And a spinning wheel. And house guests -- imagine that!

Just sayin'.

It's also about 4 miles closer to my parents, which is a good thing, because, let's face it, they're not getting any younger, and the necessity for care-giving is only going to increase.

But, I need to figure out if I can actually afford it. If I should really be considering two-story living as I get older and more decrepit. If I really want to face the painstaking ordeal that is moving. If I want to leave my tiny, crowded, cluttered, but charming and beloved first home of almost 14 years. When I thought of leaving my flower beds, so beautiful in the spring, for someone else to enjoy or tear out, it made me a little emotional -- still does, actually. They represent so much of who I was for the first ten years or so I lived here. I poured myself into them -- heart, soul, spirit, money, labor, blood, sweat and tears. It would be hard to say goodbye to the gardens. And to my skylights, my beloved skylights.

If I decide to move, there will be some mournin' going on.

So, I've got lots more thinkin' to do....


Bess said...

But Mary! A lake!!! A real honest to goodness lake!!!

And a chance to make new flower beds. And room for a wheel. And a studio.

I wish you great peaceful good luck as you consider your options, dear.

Suzanne said...

You need this house! The setting, the size....its time. And you have been thinking (gently) about moving. DO IT!

LindaM said...

Oh Mary, what a great looking house, and a lake view? Flower beds can be built and planted; skylights can be installed. Nice view, great space for stashing, spinning, knitting and hosting family and friends... It does sound like a good move, and even if it will be painful in some ways, it could be the best move you ever make!

"Whenever one door closes, another door opens."

Robin said...

Nice...but I'm like you, the thought of moving and leaving behind my flower beds is torture~~pure torture! I can sympathize with you!! Love the house though...

Courtney said...

That looks like a great house. It makes me miss Virginia.

Liz R. said...

Oh, Mary!!! What a beautiful house and surroundings!! I've always wanted to live on the water. Can I come and live with you?? I'll make you another pair of socks!!

I can't wait to meet you in person on Friday!!

issy said...

Go for it! Then we can have a second retreat on the lake!!!
Seriously, life is too short-enjoy it to the fullest. Think of the great flower beds you can design. Plus you can take cuttings & dig things up and transplant.

Syd said...

A lake house! Mary, I'm with Bess. What an amazing opportunity. Imagine sitting in the midst of your NEW garden, knitting or reading, and looking up and out over your LAKE. Life doesn't get much better. If it's financially feasible, go for it. And if you get lonely, I'm sure you have LOTS of knitting buddies who'd love to help you put those extra bedrooms to good use! :)

Margaret said...

You've already gotten a lot of help talking you into it! Looks peaceful, and as Issy said, you can move enough from the old garden to get the new one started. That's what I did when we moved from my house to his house. I wanted some of my old garden friends to make me feel at home. Oh, and as long as there's a bathroom on the first floor, you can figure out a way to live on one floor when you are old and decrepit.

emmy said...

Well I am sure you KNOW what I am going to say on the subject!!! WOW! Just color me green- for envy!! I will be happy to come knit with you. It is my dream to live on some type of water and not just "visit" on the weekends. It is a lovely house and you can make new gardens.

cathy said...

Pretty house, beautiful setting. If it's right for you and you're really ready, the excitement for the new house can take away a lot of the sadness about the old.

Anonymous said...

I agree. You NEEEEEEEEED this house. I love it! And, love the view!!!!! From Robin - Blogger has changed their signature thing.

Rita said...

Words to live by - change is good! I love the house, the view, and new gardens are fun. Take pieces of the old with you. You definitely won't be "bored" trying to set up new digs! Cleaning out and starting fresh ( and having to take a look at all that stash in a new light!) is liberating!! And the interest rates are supposed to drop again! Good luck!!

Krista said...

It's a lovely house and I like to change things up every few years to keep it interesting. I say go for it. Having room for houseguests is always nice. And I am very envious of the lake view. Something I've always wanted.

Gina said...

Congrats on getting on Crazy Aunt Purl's blog!

Nikki said...

It's a very nice house... with a lovely view. You'll figure out the right thing to do :)