Saturday, December 15, 2007

I have always depended on the kindness of bloggers....

(Here's hoping you read the title of this post and heard a very southern, Blanche Dubois drawl in your head. Otherwise, my feeble attempt at being clever has failed.)


Yesterday was a good day to be a fiber enthusiast and have friends with similar interests. A good day to be me, that is.

But before I dive into why I'm feeling particularly blessed, let me give a tiny bit of history.

As a regular reader of the very humorous Crazy Aunt Purl knitting blog, written by the talented Laurie Perry, I have discovered that her readers' comments that follow each post are often as entertaining and informative as her original article. And so I regularly read those comments, and if a reader identifies themselves as a Virginian, I will sometimes start reading that person's blog regularly, too, because I just enjoy "meeting" local knitters. You can never have too many friends, after all.

And that's how I started reading the blog of Liz R., a local knitter. We've been reading and commenting on each others' blogs for probably close to a year now, and yesterday, we finally decided to meet at one of our local yarn shops:

While there, Liz very generously gave me my very first pair of hand-knit socks, all for my very own! She's been cranking out socks all year, (you can see all of them here and here), and had a pair that didn't fit anyone she knew, so, guess who was the lucky recipient??

The yarn is KnitPicks "Bare" that she dyed with Wilton food coloring in a gorgeous blue that I can't help but adore. The pattern is Cookie A.'s Monkey, from Knitty.

I still can't believe these are mine. Monkey socks are the #1 sock pattern on Ravelry right now, (2,885 finished or works-in-progress, and in 1,692 queues). It thrills me to no end that I can now be one of the cool kids and own a pair of these (even if I didn't knit them myself). (And no one but you and I needs to know that, so -- shhhhhhh!) ;-)

Aren't they beautiful?

Liz -- they fit perfectly, and they feel wonderful! I can't wait to wear them for a "special" occasion! ("Special", meaning, it's cold enough outside to wear wool socks!) ;-)

While at the Knitting Basket, we did our part to stimulate the Christmas economy, and some 30%-off Noro Cash Iroha in a gorgeous jade green came home with me, along with some fatigue-green superwash chunky merino for a Christmas gift hat for my brother-in-law. Liz selected some beautiful Claudia's Hand Painted sock yarn in a pretty purpley colorway, and we both left the shop as very happy girls. We walked two blocks down Grove Ave. and had a yummy Chinese lunch at Peking, and then hugged, said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, happy to have each made a new friend. Thanks again for a lovely day, Liz!

I think we shop at the same optician! ;-)

When I got home from our lovely little outing, there was a package on my doorstep, and in it contained a pound of this gorgeous merino/tencel top:

My benefactress was another dear knitting-spinning friend, also met via blogging - the lovely Queen Bess. Since I'm now a beginner spinner, she had the urge to destash this fiber to me, and who am I to deny her that pleasure? ;-)

Isn't it gorgeous? It is one of those slick fibers that will require my gaining more experience before I can do it justice. There's enough of it to practice with, so every now and then I can pull off a staple length and see if I'm good enough yet to spin that fiber. Maybe tomorrow, if I can get around to plying what's on my Golding spindle, I can free it up and give this fiber another go.

Bess -- thank you so much for such a wonderful gift!

I think the day I learned how to knit, and the day I decided to blog about it -- those two days became pivotal moments that ultimately brought wonderful people into my life. There's something to be said for this seemingly humble little hobby of ours....


Margaret said...

Well, since Laurie featured your question on her blog, I'll bet you got a lot of hits.

Now, tell us the truth, you can call it jade, but we know that yarn was really teal, don't we? :)

Love the Monkey's they're one of my favorites! And, don't be afraid of the merino/tencel. I found it fairly easy to spin. It's a little slippery, yes, but just get a good bit of twist in it. It knits up really nice and soft, with a pretty sheen.

Liz R. said...

You are so sweet, Mary!! Thank you for the beautiful Claudia Handpainted sock yarn you bought for me and for lunch!! I'm so glad that you love the socks. They'll be more coming!! The roving looks delicious; have fun spinning!!
Thanks again for a great Friday!!

Bess said...

Ha - you and I know that roving is really blue - not grey. I'm so glad you have it and so glad you like it. Now, ply away and enjoy.

Ooops - and check your email for more comments about center pull ball plying.

Ranger Susie said...

I made my mom the Monkey socks for Mother's Day. I'll have to tell her she's one of the cool kids. :)

emmy said...

Love your "Monkeys" they are gorgeous! and I can't wait to see what you do with the fiber. But....what I am really interested in- you didn't post about- I am loving that brightly dyed jitterbug (sock?)yarn you put up on Ravelry. That is some beautiful yarn!! Please tell me more!!

Knitting friends are the BEST! Both the ones we have met and the ones yet to meet.

Teresa(NC) said...

What an exciting time, meeting new friends and yarn shopping. How much better can it get? Well, monkey's double the greatness :).

I just love the makes our world so much smaller and grander.
I love CAP and her comments. Such fun.
I enjoy your blog so much, I really started reading it regularly when you came to NC. You come back again, we can be nice people.

cathy said...

Count me as another person who's really enjoyed "meeting" you in blog-life! By the way, I just love your collection of new spindles; they're beautiful and inspiring enough to decorate with, let alone use. And the fibers... I'm going to have to spend some more time on Etsy. :)

Cat =^,^= said...