Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Another FO

Christmas knitting is progressing. I don't need to have everything finished until next Wednesday, 12/28, when our family is having the big family celebration. Last night I finished another scarf, made from:

Crystal Palace "Musique" (love the name of that yarn), color: 9364, and GGH "Apart", color: 15.

This scarf was going to be for my sister, but I decided to give it to my mom, instead, and give my sister the scarf originally intended for my mom. This one is warmer, and my mom is tiny and always cold, so I think she needs the warmer version.

Here's the finished object, hanging on my porch railing:

14 stitches, US size 15 needles (bamboo; would have been easier on aluminum), knit every row. It took two balls of "Musique", one of "Apart".

Close-up of the knitting:

Not the most in-focus picture I could have taken, but of all the pictures I took under various light conditions, these colors are the most accurate, (surprisingly, since this is taken in incandescent light with no flash). I wonder why incandescent light seems more accurate to me than natural daylight? I know blues are hard to capture accurately on film - wonder if that's also true with digital.

Only two more UFO's to finish before Christmas/New Year's, and both are well underway. I hope to finish another tonight. If so, pictures tomorrow!

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