Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday happenings

Welp, Wednesday I emailed that !#$%^&*! online retailer regarding the kit with the wrong yarns. I also called and left a voice message, (no mere human answers their phones). I emailed them again. I also emailed the wholesaler who originally created the kit and sold it to the vendor. The wholesaler responded almost immediately and said they, too, would try to reach the retailer. It's now been three days, and neither of us have heard from The Knitting Garden, who are now, officially and permanently on my sh*t list, and are also now officially permanently removed from my sidebar in the "Web-wide Enablers" section. They have a pretty, eye-catching website, but their customer service SUCKS. Interestingly enough, the folks at Knit One, Crochet Too told me that, although I placed my order with The Knitting Garden on November 5th, KOCT did not receive the order from TKG until November 30th. That's 25 days! I didn't get my kit (with the wrong yarns) until December 5th. Yes, that's an entire month. And so, the gracious folks at KOCT are going to work with me outside of this crappy retailer. I shipped the kit back to KOCT today, and they're going to send me the replacement yarns as soon as they get the kit back. And so, on top of the already expensive price of this kit, I had to pay $6 in shipping, and the wholesaler will also have to pay for shipping it to me. It's all very annoying. But I'm so very thankful that KOCT is willing to work with me on this. Let this be a lesson -- buyer beware! The Knitting Garden sucks, and I do not recommend them. (I promised I'd bash them if they made no move to rectify, and I'm keeping my promise). Knit One, Crochet Too, on the other hand, are awesome. I just wish we could order from them directly.

Okay, on a more positive note, I went to the Craft Show tonight, which took place here:

the Bainbridge Art Center. It's in a sorta scary neighborhood in south Richmond, (back in my rescue squad days, we always dreaded the calls in this neighborhood -- they usually involved bullet wounds).

Check out the odd sculpture out front:

Anyway, it was a very small show and a light turnout, and not much there interested me, but I did buy some Sari silk yarn from Baa Baa yarn:

I came home and wound it into a ball -- (by hand - I have no swift or ball winder, yet) -- the process of which turned out to be a bear. "Lots of slubs" she advertises -- no kidding! I had to cut some out, they were so big. No idea what I'll make with this. I know there's a purse pattern in a previous issue of Knitty, but not sure I want to make a purse. She only had one hank for sale and it's about 65 yards, so not sure it's enough to do anything more than a scarf on really big needles. No hurry on a decision -- I've got plenty of other things to work on.

Tomorrow is pretty busy so probably no blog post again until Sunday, when I'll update you on latest yarn crawl, stash-enhancement acquisitions, knitting project progress, my dad's birthday, and tomorrow's charity Knit-In. Whew!

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