Saturday, December 03, 2005

A UFO & 2 FO's

UFO: A soon-to-be-completed birthday scarf for niece & goddaughter Jessica, who turns 16 on January 1st and loves pink & orange:

Made with "Dawn" carried with GGH's "Apart"; size 17 needles, 10 stitches, knit every row.

FO#1: Green scarf for friend Linda:

Lane Borgogesia's "Tibet", shade #3 carried with Berroco Crystal FX "Cryptonite"; size 15 needles, 10 stitches, knit every row.

FO #2: Blue-green/teal scarf for moi:

Berroco Optik Peacock and Crystal FX "Caribe"; size 15 needles, 12 stitches, knit every row (duh).

(I had vowed I wouldn't knit anything for myself until after the holidays, but I just couldn't resist this, and it knitted up so quickly that, before I knew it, it was done. If I find myself short a hand-knitted gift for someone, it may end up going to someone else anyway, but it's a bit scratchy, so I'm not sure someone else would want it. So, Yay - now I have my own hand-knit scarf to wear, now that it's cold!)

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