Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Snow in... winter?

We had a nice little snowstorm yesterday, although "storm" for us means just a couple inches of the white stuff. It still leads to school closings and power outages, thanks to the ice coating roads and power lines. What I find frustrating is that it's December, so, yeah, snow is not totally unexpected or unwelcome, (don't get me wrong - me loves me some snow), but the darn trees still have leaves on them! I haven't even raked yet! Case in point:

Whatevah. It'll probably all be melted by tomorrow. More "wintry mix" on its way for Friday, just in time to ruin lots of weekend plans, including this and this.

In the meantime the kit for this finally arrived today - whoo hoo! UPS got it here after 5 pm so I can't tell in the dim light of my house, but those yarn colors look a LOT darker here than they do in the picture. I'll take a good hard look tomorrow in the daylight, and perhaps take a fo-to or two.

And I blame Grumperina for my latest yarn acquisition. In a post earlier this week she referred to a scarf she made this summer using some incredibly soft yarn. And so, I had to find some for myself. And, so I did. Of course, I had to get it in colors more suited to my taste, which, if you've read some of my previous posts, you'll know it leans to blue-green/teal. So... I ordered a couple balls of this:

That is Berroco Plush Colors # 1958, "Taffy". As Kathy indicated, it is a good, soft, next-to-the-neck yarn, so in the tradition of novice knitters everywhere, (including this one), it will be, yes, you guessed it, a scarf. Garter stitch, no less. Shocking, I know. But I can't wait to knit this up. It should be here by Thursday or Friday, I think. Yay.


SweetPeaknits said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you visit again.

You look like your set out for a good weekend. Enjoy the craft show and the knit in. Take your Plush along to show off.


Ranger Susie said...

What kills me is that Channel 12 just last week said it would be a mild winter! Really, Andrew? It's not starting out that way. Well, it certainly has looked pretty around here.

Thanks for visiting my site. It's nice to meet you!