Sunday, February 12, 2006

It won't much, but it be purty

Got about 2-3 inches of snow accumulation in my neighborhood. Not the "heavy snow" that was predicted, but then, you can almost bank on dashed hopes when the local news predicts "heavy snow". That's alright -- I'll take what I can get. It was beautiful, pristine and unblemished when I woke up this morning. Now the sun is out and it's already 34ºF, and most of it is sliding off the trees.

Ah well. We must appreciate fleeting beauty while it lasts -- a lesson for us all.

The roads appear to be clear, which means I can go hit the Maymont Flower & Garden show before it closes.

And so I leave you with this view from my front porch:



DustBunniesCanWait said...

ewwwww. I was doing just fine with the idea of a snowless winter :-(

Bess said...

Never enough snow in Richmond. Never.