Thursday, February 23, 2006

See One, Do One, Teach One...

...or, How a Knitter is Born....

Being new-ish to knitting, I still have much to do and learn in order to advance beyond the beginners category of [rectangles]. But recently I've had the distinct pleasure of watching (and perhaps helping a little bit, and maybe even learning something myself) as another new knitter is born and develops.

If you may recall, I gave my sister-in-law, (also named Mary), a scarf for her November birthday. She seemed to really like it, which is all any knitter, especially a new one, can ask for.

On Christmas Day, I went over to their house for a few hours and brought some knitting with me. It was then that Mary told me about a prayer shawl ministry being held at her church. I've gone once and plan to go again this Saturday. Mary's attended several of their meetings, the first at which they taught her to cast-on and knit, and I believe the knitting bug has firmly taken hold of her.

Case in point:
* She's been to the KnittingHelp website
* She's visited a LYS
* Twice now she's purchased yarn at a local craft store
* She has a small supply of yarn not yet ear-marked for a project; (I gleefully educated her that this is known as a "stash") ;-)
* She's finished a project and has now started two more

(This has both surprised and delighted me, because I
didn't know she was even interested. Inside, I'm beside myself with glee.)

Twice this past week I've been at their house to knit and watch the Winter Olympics on their shiny new flat screen tv:

(look how sharply HDTV photographs)

which has been a lot of fun for me.

Even more fun, I've had the opportunity to teach Mary a few more knitterly things. On Saturday she learned how to bind off, to weave in ends, to purl, and got a refresher course in casting-on. Last night I exposed her to the long-tail cast-on, gave another refresher on purling and how to read knits and purl stitches on the needle, and also showed her the basketweave pattern, which was an absolute kick for me, since I'd not done that myself before. (Laurie would be so proud.)

What's that old saying, "see one, do one, teach one"? I just love observing and/or being a part of the process as a new addict knitter is born.

Whoo-hoo! One more for our side!

Now I just need to remember to take pictures of her knitting -- after all, she may want to blog about it someday! ;-)



Bess said...

Just in case you miss it on the queen's blog - Girty Girls get a free drop spindle lesson. Come, dearie, come to the dark side.

Maybe some sweet saturday, hmm?

Kelly said...

I love feeling like I've not only gotten somebody else into knitting, but teaching them a few new tricks. There's a great feeling when you pass on knowledge. My sister will be visiting in a month and she's asked me to show her how to knit. I love it!