Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Olympic Knitting

While I'm enjoying the Winter Games on television, I've not joined the thousands of folks involved with the Knitting Olympics. I do admire everyone who has picked up their needles and accepted the challenge.

And your humble efforts have not gone unnoticed -- a major publication has given you the nod.

Time magazine has a blurb about it in an article called Gold Medal Motives, but I imagine web access to it will be short-lived, so I will quote from it below:

NO IDLE HANDS - For the 16-day Knitting Olympics, some 4,000 crafty couch potatoes have set a series of stitching goals they want to reach while watching the Games. Charitable projects include making clothes for U.S. pregnancy centers and for tots in Mongolia.

I suppose if I were more thin-skinned, (and if I were actually involved), I might take offense at the "crafty couch potatoes" remark, but as they say in Hollywood, as long as they spell your name right, all publicity is good publicity.

And so I say to all you Knit-thletes -- my heartfelt congratulations, and I humbly salute you!


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