Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia 2007

Yesterday I drove to beautiful Orange County, Virginia:

to James Madison's Montpelier estate:

to attend the 2007 Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia:

Where I ran into a few friends:

Patsy & Deb

Tami & Cathy

And saw lots of pretty things:

item knit from locks

watermelon-colored yarn
(I couldn't resist this!)

pretty sweaters

honeysuckle vine baskets

colorful yarn and knitting

pretty socks

lovely needle-felted designs

beautiful lace shawl

fibery Santas

I ran into more friends:

and saw Bess' lovely sock patterns available from Spirit Trail:

Mother-Daughter Lace socks

Great Falls Ribbed socks

Other friends I saw there, (but inexplicably didn't photograph), include Sangeeta and Robin F. Hi guys! Sorry I didn't get your picture! And other blogger-friends I know attended but I missed altogether were Krista, Margaret and Nikki. Sorry guys -- maybe next year! And today I believe Jane attended with her cousin Patty, and Emmy & Pam also attended. Hope you guys had fun!

Anyway, here are some pretty items entered in the Skein & Garment competition:

Liz' pretty prize-winning novice handspun (Congratulations, Liz!)

love these socks

pretty fair isle tote (I believe that's the Berroco Doll Bag)

Also, some lovely hooked rugs on display:

And of course, there were the obligatory adorable alpacas:

That white one was particularly sweet -- allowing folks (like me) to pet her head, while she uttered her little "mmmmm" every now and then. They belong to the folks at Rivanna River Farm, and I chatted with the owner a bit, about what it's like to live on an alpaca farm, which sounds like an idyllic life to me. I'd jump at the chance to raise alpacas; I just need to find a someone, (let's be honest - a husband), who'd want to raise alpacas with me. Know anyone who qualifies? ;-)

The weather at this year's fiber festival was hot and humid, dry and dusty -- not ideal conditions under which to fondle woolly fibers. I'll still take it over last year's mud bowl, but, is it too much to ask for normal brisk, cool, sunny October weather? Maybe next year....

Driving home, I stopped at a few places along the way to take pictures of interesting architecture, including this freedman's cabin adjacent to Montpelier estate:

This winery, which looks incredibly inviting:

Note to self: must stop here with friends sometime

And these dilapidated houses along the drive through Gordonsville:

Ruins fascinate me -- oh, the stories they could tell....

Here is my modest haul from the festival:

Clockwise from left:

With all the upcoming opportunities for yarn and fiber shopping, I restrained myself at this particular event, although there were temptations under every tent. The uncomfortable temperatures inside the tents helped me resist.

I wonder how well I'll fight temptation next weekend at Stitches East? ;-)


Nikki said...

I remember those socks in the Skein and Garment area... they were nice!

You did good... and it was very hot in those tents - even early in the morning.

Alice said...

I like your pictures! They really captured the day. (I forgot my camera!)

I agree about the weather as you know. And I always buy more when it is cold, even last year in the mud.

rho said...

I always love your photo journals - I love ruins too :D but you make me want to go to all the places you take pictures of.

Looks like it was a fun day!

Robin said...

WOW, what a FANTASTIC post! Don't worry about not getting my picture, I may have broken your camera!
I love old ruins too...I often wonder about the stories they could tell.

Margaret said...

I'm sorry I missed you too! I was in spinning class all afternoon (fortunately it was in a nice breezy tent)! I'll be at Stitches for the duration, and will email you my cell.

Bess said...

woo woo - thank you for being so kind about the stolen picture. Thank you for making any photos on my blog possible at all, you darling!

Wasn't that the best bag! It was knit by angel cooper who came to the show on Sunday - had not planned to come at all till friends called her up with the news that she'd won a big blue.

since you have such an autumn of fiber coming up I think you were wise to do just a little shopping. I, of course, succumbed to that fleece and a little alpaca and silk roving. And one skein of yarn from spirit Trails and one from Three Waters Farm.

Photos on my blog tomorrow.

Liz said...

OH thank you so much for taking the picture Mary! I had no idea if I had placed or not. Do you mind if I snag those pictures? (no bandwidth stealing, promise :)

I love when you go places because you always post gorgeous pictures. I get to live vicariously through your adventures. And with so many more coming up, you were wise to only buy a little. I don't know if I could have restrained myself.

Cat =^,^= said...

I agree with all the above comments - you are such a good photographer and commentator!!
When you get a chance, go by my blog, b/c I am tagging you for 8 random comments. I hope you don't mind too much!