Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Crazy Octoberfest

You may recall my writing back in August about all the fiber-related events happening this fall. Well, without realizing it, I've signed on for something fiber-related every single weekend (and some weekdays) this month, (and part of next month, too).

My crazy itinerary, which kicks off tomorrow, is as follows:

  • Friday, Oct.5th: attending Virginia State Fair with some knitting group friends, where we will feast on funnel cake and will also see where several other knitting group friends have won ribbons for their knitted items in the adult arts & crafts competition. (Hooray for Amy, Jon and Issy!) Pictures will surely follow.
  • Sat-Sun, Oct.6-7: attending the Fall Fiber Festival at Montpelier estate -- still haven't decided which day I'm going yet. Again, photos to follow.
  • Wed-Fri, Oct.10-12: I'll be up in Maryland for work, and will no doubt hit a LYS or two while there. All in the interest of research, of course!
  • Fri-Sat, Oct.12-13: attending Stitches East, my first time. I hadn't planned on going, but since I'll be in Maryland for work anyway, might as well stay an extra day, drive to Baltimore and take a stroll through the Stitches marketplace to see what all the fuss is about. I understand that taking pictures in the marketplace is prohibited, so any I get will have to be acquired on the sly. Not sure how successful I'll be at that, so, no promises....
  • Saturday, Oct.20th: Taking an all-day "Top 10 Tips" knitting workshop with Edie Eckman, sponsored by the Hanover Knitting Guild. (For more information, contact Fran Edmonds). Also on this date, although not fiber-related -- attending James Taylor concert in the evening.
  • Sat-Sun, Oct.27-28: attending Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF), near Asheville, NC. Taking a beginning spinning class on Sunday. May also take a beginning crochet class on Saturday. On waiting list for a beginning Fair Isle class, but am not holding my breath on that. Many photo opportunities, for sure.
  • Mon-Fri, Oct.29-Nov.2: Since I'll already be in western NC for SAFF, I'm driving down to Brasstown to take a week-long beginning spinning class at the John C. Campbell Folk School. This was the only fiber-related class being offered that week, so I figured -- what the heck? I'd planned on learning how to spin at some nebulous point in my future, why not now? Doesn't necessarily mean I'll be getting a wheel right away, but you never know.
  • Sat-Sun, Nov.3-4: Driving back up to Asheville to meet an Atlanta-based friend and tour the Christmas decorations at Biltmore estate, something I've always wanted to do. I will no doubt also tour a few Asheville yarn shops while in town.
  • Sat-Sun, Nov.17-18: Meeting up with my fellow JMU-alum siblings and their spouses in Harrisonburg to see the Dukes play Towson and watch my JMU freshman nephew play in the marching band's drumline. I hope to squeeze in a quick visit to Harrisonburg yarn shops while in town, but may be pushing my luck.

Phew! With all that traveling, not sure when I'll actually get anything else done, (little things like knitting, blogging, working, etc.), but, who cares? :-)


Cindy Chapman (cdaniele) said...

Sounds busy, but fun! Wish I were doing more fiber related activities, but aside from teaching classes and knitting...

I am going to Disneyland on the 26, not fiber related, but fun!!!

Have a great time!

Robin said...

SO much here to comment on, last things MUST go to Yarn Paradise in Asheville, it's closest to the Biltmore. I'm envious you are going to Stitches...and I hope to see you on Saturday at FFF!

Nikki said...

You are gonna have SO much fun the next month or so!!

If you make it to FFF on Saturday I've been told there's going to be some kind of informal blogger meet up in the Skein and Garment tent at noon.

hope to meet you there or at SAFF :)

Bess said...

Lawsee gal - you are going to be busy! Hope we catch up at Stitches East - but you better come see me at FFF!

Lolly said...

Wow, you are BUSY! but they do sound like fun events ;)

I have been meaning to check out that Campbell school for awhile. Hva eyou been before?

Jane said...

No wonder you aren't coming to the Retreat! It's your only free weekend!

I'm pretty sure we'll be reading about a wheel purchase before long...

Lost said...

Sounds busy, but fun! :)