Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some highlights...

... from the past two days:

western North Carolina from the air
(and yes, that's a propeller)

all hotels in the region are booked solid because of these ^

an obligatory fiber festival camellid picture
(llama, who's yer mama?)

obligatory fiber festival crowd & vendors shot

saw these tonight on my way to dinner
(evening glories?)

tonight's dessert at Mayfel's
(and no, I didn't eat all those beignets!)

sum total of today's loot
(are you proud of my restraint?)

Don't worry -- I'll be back again tomorrow morning for more. I've already got a mental checklist of vendors I plan to revisit. That gal with the giant bag of cashmere roving.... Brook's Farm's booth and their incredibly soft wool yarn....

Tomorrow afternoon -- spinning class at SAFF.

Tomorrow night -- I arrive at the JCC Folk School for my week-long spinning class. I can't wait!

Oh, and hey -- I finally met dixygirl Nikki! We've been reading each other blogs for probably six months now, and keep missing each other at fiber festivals, but this time, we met up, and serendipitously, too! I recognized her at the concession stand, so we ate lunch together, along with her friend Laura (or, Laurie? - sorry, I forget which is correct). Both are very nice and down-to-earth. Robin F. & Tanya - I'm glad guys have them in your knitting/spinning group!

Well, it's after midnight now, so I will end this.

But, one last item, before I go. My laptop gave me a terrible fright last night when I booted it up. The screen was behaving very strangely, with lots of multi-colored vertical lines, and my stomach lurched as the device was rendered virtually unusable. Today, the laptop seems to be feeling better -- here's hoping it was just a one-time event. (Haven't we been down this road before, and recently, at that...?) Please, God, have mercy on my gadgets!

Anyway -- if I'm noticeably silent for the next week or so, suspect computer issues. Ugh.


Edited later to add:

Photo slideshow from SAFF can be seen here.


Nikki said...

YEAH! You got the laptop working again :)

Great pictures... and it is Laura. I'm so glad I got to meet you today too, finally :)

Have a great time...

Issy said...

Hi Mary! I'm so glad you're having a good time. We'll miss you at TNK.

Make sure you buy LOADS of good stuff at SAFF !!

Margaret said...

My laptop has psychotic episodes now and then, rapidly scrolling vertical lines. Usually if I shut the lid for a few minutes it's gone when I get back to work. Worst case, the keyboard works and if you can navigate at all to save what's open, Ctrl-Alt-Del and shut it down. I've never figured out what triggers it. Also get the blue screen of death occasionally, but I think that's USB related.

Anyway, shockingly, your only purchase yesterday was.....Teal. :)

And big bag of cashmere, go for it! Your spinning skills will rise to meet it.

Sunflowerfairy said...

I am so jealous of the week long spinning class at JCFS. Have fun. Let me know how it was. I think I might try to do it next year.

Robin said...

Looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful time, you know I wish I was with all you guys!! I thought you had met Nikki before, she's a real sweetheart...Laura's a nut, love her too!

Robin said...

How shocking that your one purchase was TEAL! Wish I was with you!!!! Mayfels will be on my list next time I go to Asheville! Gotta love all those Lendrums in the stands!!

jane said...

I love reading all about your adventures! See you soon, Jane