Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday Night Knitters take over the World!

...or at least half of the Barnes & Noble cafe. Our knitting group had a big crowd tonight, and I didn't get a shot of everyone in attendance, but I did grab a few pictures of knitting projects:

Deb finished her sweater!

Robin H. showed off her Mystery Shawl-in-progress,
and Tami plays Vanna White, while Alice looks on.

(Hi Alice! Welcome to TNK!)

Amy finished this adorable baby outfit

Just in time! Does it fit?

New TNK member Jennifer,
(whose name escapes me - arrgh! Someone help me out, please!)
finished her Einstein coat!

Last, but certainly not least,
Renny finished this gorgeous shawl for her daughter.
Lucky daughter!


Fun times, as usual! Tomorrow morning I leave for Maryland for a few days for work and then Stitches East. Lots of potential blog fodder!


Nikki said...

looks like great fun!! And what lovely finished items!! have GREAT fun at Stitches!

emmy said...

Looks like a really fun night and what wonderful knits! I was especially interested in the Einstein coat as I have had yarn for that project for over a year now and just can't decide. It helps to see it on a real live person! It is beautiful.

I think the baby outfit is lovely and fits just fine.

Love Robin and her shawl.

Robin said...

Love Amy's baby outfit - I missed seeing that. Too cute! Great picture of Deb's sweater, too. What a great night!