Saturday, October 06, 2007

Virginia State Fair 2007

Friday afternoon, Rita, Patsy and I met up and rode together to the State Fairgrounds (now known as RIR) to attend the Virginia State Fair.

Once inside the gate, and despite the overcast skies, we were greeted by a riot of color from the food vendors and rides:

The only ride we braved was the tram from the parking lot to the front gate:

Patsy & Rita

But we did feast on some righteous funnel cake:


We also strolled through the arts & crafts building and made sure to get pictures of all of ribbon-winning items knit by some members of our knitting group:

Jon's sweater

Amy's sweater

Issy's shawl

Amy's socks

Our winning knitters all seem to have a fondness for a similar color scheme. A coincidence...?

While strolling through the various arts & crafts exhibits, we stumbled upon this particular category which cracked us up. I believe it was created specifically with my nephew in mind:

who knew?

I took lots of pictures of other knitting and needlecrafts entered in the arts & crafts competitions, and will be posting them out to Flickr within a day or so. Link will be here, eventually.

After arts & crafts and lunch and funnel cake, we stopped in to see a few animals:

Hatching chicks

Fuzzy chick fleshpile

Cutest piglets (and sow) ever

Peter Rabbit,
who could have been posing for Beatrix Potter herself:

Fun times!

Thanks, Patsy & Rita, for going to the fair with me!


Nikki said...

It looks like great fun!

sheddy said...

Can't wait to see the quilt pictures.
From sunny and verry cool PA,