Saturday, January 19, 2008

Knitting on the Lake 2008 - Friday

We're here!

Robin H.'s mother continues to outdo herself:

Sunset view from my bedroom's patio:

(I think I have the same room as last year!)

Dinnertime antics at The Lake House restaurant:

Premie caps -- this year's charity project:

Check out Robin H.'s way-cool cone-holder thingy:

(knitting & wine go so well together)

Pam & Emmy continue to be adorable, this time in sock monkey PJs:

and sock monkey slippers!

We have a much larger crowd this year:

but Robin H. continues to work her magic to make this a fun event for everyone, and the room doesn't feel crowded at all.

Speaking of which, time to shower so I can go out and play! :-)

See you tomorrow!


Robin said...

Awesome...wish I was there! Tell Emmy I love her pj's!!

Bess said...

woo woo - I'm going to spend all day tomorrow in my pjs too. Happy knitting to you all!-