Saturday, February 10, 2007

I got nuthin'...

...nuthin' of significance to blog about, that is, so I will leave you with a 1960's-1970's musical trivia quiz. (Update: Answers posted at bottom of this post.) I spent a good portion of Friday cleaning up my computerized music library, which is why this stuff is fresh in my mind.

And no, I don't use iTunes, since I don't own an iPod. My mp3 player is a Creative Nomad Jukebox 3, and I use MusicMatch Jukebox to organize my music library. No, I'm not bitter at all that I bought that expensive, cumbersome thing just minutes before iPods became the standard. Not. Bitter. At. All. I will cling to it until it dies and gets buried alongside discarded 8-track players and Betamax recorders. But I might have to help it meet an early demise, perhaps the next time I'm near an open window of a tall bulding....

Okay, on to the quiz.

No fair Googling for the answers.

  1. Name the group who recorded "Funky Town". Extra credit if you can name the year in which it went to #1.
  2. Name the group who recorded "(Here I Am) Stuck in the Middle with You".
  3. What popular song did the group Mott the Hoople record?
  4. Who recorded "Do You Love Me (now that I can dance)"?
  5. Who recorded my all-time favorite song, "Build Me Up, Buttercup"?
  6. An easy one: Who recorded another of my favorites, "Drift Away"?
  7. Another easy one, another favorite: Who recorded "Shambala"?
  8. Who originally recorded "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"?
  9. Who recorded "Ariel"?
  10. Mega-easy: What song with a girl's name in the title did Pure Prairie League release?

That's enough for now. Good luck!

Answers (click for full-size):


emmy said...

I might get some of these right if they were multiple choice- my recall isn't what it used to be. Good to hear that you aren't bitter or anything like that about the mp3player. I don't have either one.

emmy said...

Ok...I got #10 and #6 right and should have been able to guess a few others.
Thanks for the answers!