Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A lovely, leisurely, knitterly Sunday

This past Sunday, several of us TNK'ers met up at our usual knitting spot for a lovely afternoon of chatting, knitting, and chatting-about-knitting. In our small group were: Robin H., Sheddy, Linda, and myself.

The place was jam-packed w/ people, so we were fortunate to get a table. While there, Linda worked on her Noro Kureyon mistake-rib scarf, while Sheddy worked on her SWTC Karaoke cartridge belt rib scarf. Here they are for a side-by-side comparison:

Kureyon vs. Karaoke;
mistake rib vs. cartridge belt rib

Linda modeled her recently completed Noro Blossom vest:

Isn't this cute?

And Robin shared the stitch markers she's been making:

Robin says that she's making the stitch markers faster than she'd ever use them, so if any catch your fancy and you're interested in buying some, leave her a comment on her blog. I have to say that, in person they're really very pretty! I hope my pictures did them justice.

I worked on.... wait for it.... drumroll, please... another hat. Alert the media. I will probably finish that tonight or tomorrow, and will share FO pictures hopefully soon after, so stay tuned!

After knitting for several hours, we drove across the street and ate dinner at Bookbinders Grill, which was wonderful and delicious. Here are my lovely dinner companions:

Linda, Sheddy, Robin

And here's what we ate:

Sheddy & I both orderd the grilled chicken w/ sauteed mushrooms & sun-dried tomatoes

Robin had the pan-seared mahi-mahi

Linda had the special: grilled mahi-mahi w/ shrimp

Yum! After dinner, I was told by all three dinner companions that I must go see the tiles in the ladies room, and so, like a dork, I trooped in there with my camera and took pictures. Luckily, there was no one else in there at the time.

glass wall tiles

floor tiles
Guess you had to be there....

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday! I have to say that it's just a blast to spend an extended amount of time with other knitters, because you just can't talk for hours about knitting (and yarn and patterns and yarn shops and knitting blogs and websites) with muggles (non-knitters) and not have the muggles look at you with real, grave concern, like it's time they stage an intervention before you get too far gone....

And speaking of spending hours with fellow knitters -- I get to do it all over again tonight at TNK. Yay!

Happy Knitting!


Robin said...

Okay...now I'm HUNGRY! Looks like you guys had a GREAT time!

Monet said...

Yes, it was me that bought up all the REDSKIN yarn at Unraveled! Sorry...but it knit up so perfect. My husband totally thought that I was making a Redskins sweater for our dog Riggo.

The Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky is AWESOME and I love it. I'm actually making another scarf for a co-worker who loved mine and she wanted one in teal. So I bought the yarn this weekend and am almost 1/2 way done with it.

Beth actually got some of the Aurora 8 and was trying to use that as a substitute because they didn't have the color she wanted in the DB Cashmerino...and she broke down today and ordered it online because it's just not the same.

Robin said...

Great shot of our dinners! Man! the food was delicious. The pictures of those glass bathroom tiles don't do them justice. I'm telling you, that's not a bathroom that I could handle well after a drinking binge!!!!! I swear that floor was moving with nothing alcoholic!

Nikki said...

I'm not so fond of the "new blogger" btw, I had my comment all typed up and now have to retype :)

BUT it sounds like y'all had a GREAT night!!

and yes, that's my purple hat that actuallly fits peaking out of my purse at my office