Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tuesday Night Knitters brave the elements

The weather was miserable this past Tuesday night -- very cold and rainy and just not anything you'd want to be out in, but we TNK'ers are a hardy bunch, and made our way to the warmth of Barnes & Noble and the companionship of our friends and fellow knitters.

Here's the group, in all their smiling glory:

Howdy, gang!
That poor soul in the green sweater whose head I decaptitated in the above picture is the lovely Christina. Sorry, hon! I thought I got everyone in the shot! Ack! Not to worry -- I captured her lovely face in another shot, further down in this post.

Here's one side of our long table:

(L-R): Jo, Rita, Sheddy, Amy, Mary, Hannah, and to her left, her little sister Lily

And here's the other side of the table:

(L-R, facing camera): Linda, Norma, Renny, Christina (she kept her head, this time!)

Christina is working on this beautiful scarf made out of a potpouri-type yarn:

Love this!

Here are the yarn details, if you're interested:

Visit this gal's website to see her other yarns

Until Tuesday night, high schooler Hannah held the honorable rank of youngest member of our group. Hannah's mom just gave birth to child #9 (!), and this week Hannah brought her sister Lily to knit with us. Here's Hannah helping Lily work the heel of a pretty purple sock:

Hannah and her sister.... ;-)

Amy is working on several projects, including this beautiful cabled sweater:

Looks warm!

To Amy's left is another Mary in our group who is working on a purse made with Rowan denim, which will have a very cool jeans pocket sewn on the outside, after it's all knit up. I hope to get a picture of that sometime soon.

Sheddy "cheated" on us last week and knit with a group up in Pennsylvania that also meets at a Barnes & Noble on Tuesday nights. While in her home state, she picked up some SWTC Karaoke, a lovely wool/soysilk blend that's incredibly soft, and according to the Pennsylvania knitters she spoke with, is their preferred (softer) alternative to Noro. Sheddy is knitting a cartridge belt rib scarf using a very cheerful colorway:


Norma is diligently working on her Knitting Pure & Simple top-down hooded cardigan for her new grandbaby:

Yarn: Sugar & Cream

And Renny is knitting the lovely feather-and-fan shawl from Folk Shawls for her daughter's wedding this spring:


Rita is tackling the Colinette AbFab throw with yarn purchased down at the beach at Knitting Addiction:

Absolutely Fabulous!

I continue to work on my snowman hats, and should have finished-object photos to share here tomorrow, so, stay tuned!

In the meantime, the February issue of Yarnival is now out, and this month can be found over at the The Purloined Letter. And guess what? I made it in again! They're linking to my post with the video of Issy demonstrating how to do a Russian Join. Way cool!

I will end this now, so I can go finish my hats. Stay warm, everyone!


Jacqui said...

Three cheers for you! Yarnival twice, and you spelled Lily's name right! (most folks spell it Lilly...but that's wrong...) :-)
Fun, fun!

Bess said...

Lawsee! Blogger can be so stubborn

But I am always a fan of your TNK photos.


Issy said...

Woo Hoo!! My 45 seconds of fame! Or at least my hands are famous.