Monday, April 03, 2006

Restraint and the lack thereof

I'm guessing that there were more than a few knit-bloggers out there like myself who felt a bit guilty after Saturday's "Flash Your Stash" day. Although my stash is relatively small in comparison to that of more experienced knitters out there, it was still more than I had imagined, and definitely more than I need at any given time. And that guilt, coupled with the shameful number of WIP's I currently have, (final count = 6), was enough to allow me to restrain myself from driving over to Unraveled this weekend for their Blue Heron Yarns trunk show. As much as I love their yarn, I don't need it right now. (And besides, I can get it more cheaply off of ebay, if/when I feel it necessary.)

However, that being said, and lest you think I have the willpower of a saint, (HA!), my stash guilt is not enough to restrain me from sale yarns! And look who's having a sale on yarn tomorrow:

Look at all that fuzzy, ribbony, tacky, eyelashy, flaggy, novelty, yarny goodness!

I'll be the one at the store when it opens at 8 am, ready to pounce on all the "good" yarns. Just don't get in my way! ... ;-)


Oh hey -- did anyone else catch all the knitting content on last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy? Way cool. I knew I loved that show for a reason!



Krista said...

I never watch Gray's Anatomy, but when I saw knitting in the commercial I couldn't resist! A sweater in a day and at work as a doctor at the same time...yeah, right. At least it looked like they were really knitting!

Sachi said...

I don't watch Gray's Anatomy but I flipped over just in time to see her knitting in the bar... and then the other chick at the hospital knitting. I was cracking myself up, watching the technique and stuff. I don't often get to see others knit.