Friday, April 21, 2006

When in doubt, post a cat picture

I can't relax. My mind is a spinning whirling dirvish, as I've returned from three days of whirlwind meetings up North, two days spent with an out of town sibling and her kids, multiple work-related phone calls and emails, multiple things on the promised and to-do list that aren't yet done, multiple activities coming up in the near future, multiple KIP's on which I need to work, multiple things I'd like to blog about, and I just don't know where to start.

So, when in doubt, post a cat picture.

I give you my lovely Casey, whose greatest talent is sitting up on her hind legs like a bunny rabbit, for extended periods of time, in order to get her head a little closer to the hand that scratches it:

She's such a sweetheart. Her favorite thing in the world is getting her belly scratched, and so when not playing bunny, she'll lay on her back in the middle of the carpet and stick all four legs in the air. She's a ho for scratchin'. And then she sleeps for 20 hours. Low maintenance pets -- gotta love them!

I think I'll go knit while I watch the stuff I recorded on the DVR. Perhaps that'll help me relax....




Calling Kahlo said...

When in doubt, posting a cat picture is the best thing.

Genevieve said...

Great photo. Cats are so funny! I'm saving the permalink to your blog entry so I can post a cat photo article sometime soon with links to some of the funny cat photos I've come across lately. So get ready for an onslaught of traffic. Ha! (Like maybe 4 or 5.) m)