Saturday, April 01, 2006

Avert your eyes...

... lest you wish to be FLASHED!

First, the crap yarns:
*** Nuthin' but acrylics and eyelash yarns. And lots of them.
Next, more novelty yarns, but slightly less crappy:

I still get a little thrill from these yarns. And that's sari silk in the lower left corner.


Finally, a mixture of old and new acquisitions:

Clockwise from top: Wool for a rainbow scarf that never got knit; some KnitPicks "Shimmer" that I drool over every time I touch it; some cotton yarns for future dishcloths; some purpley sock yarn; and my new spindle and rovings

All of the above yarns fit in one rubbermaid tub bought today at Target, in an effort to organize the stash whilst flashing.

Not included in today's "flash", (nor could they fit in the new tub-o-yarn), are leftover partial balls of yarns from previous FO's, and yarns dedicated to current WIP's. (If I just tossed the crap yarn, there'd still be plenty of room!)

I think I read on someone's blog recently that they thought there should be a "Flash Your WIP's" day, which isn't such a bad idea. If I remember correctly, the Yarn Harlot wrote in her previous book about counting up all her stray WIP's, and came to a mind-boggling total of something like 35 projects in various places around her house. God help me if I ever have that many. I think my grand total of WIP's is 4 or 5, which is still 2 or 3 too many.

I guess I'll need to get another tub next time I'm at Target. After all, there are a couple of fiber festivals coming up!



Krista said...

I was just on the KnitPicks site looking at the Shimmer. Is it really that nice? Any plans for it? I only have 2 WIPs! And it's plenty for me. Too many and it's too stressfull, don't you think?

Ranger Susie said...

I think I'm over 10 with the WIPs right now, but I'd have to find them to count them. ;)

Courtney said...

Nice stash! I think I recognize some of that yarn from my own trips to Lettuce Knit.

Adri said...

Oooh, so much turquoise...