Friday, April 28, 2006

Who's going to MS&W?


I can't decide yet when I'm driving up or returning, but I'm definitely going to mecca next weekend. Anyone need a ride (from Richmond) or a place to stay (in Columbia)?

I've got a suite with two double beds and a pull-out sofabed, so there's room for a couple people, if necessary. I'm using hotel points, so the room is free. My schedule is flexible, so I could come-and-go based on a passenger's needs, if necessary.

And I promise I'm not an axe-murderer or some other kind of nutjob.

Holler if you're interested. First come, first served.



laurie said...

Mary! I wish I could meet up with you there, I have major MS&W envy!

have a lovely time and don't forget ... tons of pictures!!

Syd said...


I sure do wish I could go with you. I'm too jealous! We should rent a van and get a group to go up together next time. Be sure to post lots of pictures!

Krista said...

So when is this event? room and a ride???

the sweetheart said...

i wanna go!!!! but sadly it's my last few weeks of school... and i have to study and do all that studenty-like stuff :(