Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wild Weekend

Well, busy, (for me), anyway.

Here's the plan:

  • Friday: shower, pack and leave for Lynchburg, stay overnight with sister's family
  • Saturday morning/early afternoon: attend Spring Fiber Festival with sister; wave at Bess and Jane and Lawre and everyone!
  • Saturday late afternoon: drive back to Richmond
  • Sometime between now and Sunday: purchase & wrap birthday gift for niece; do laundry and pack for business trip
  • Sunday noon: drive to Hanover for niece's birthday lunch
  • Sunday afternoon: drive home, pick up luggage, drive to train station
  • Sunday evening: train to Baltimore (I will make the train this time, dammit!)
  • Sunday late evening: catch shuttle to hotel in Columbia, MD; sleep.
So, probably no blog posts for the next week or so, unless I unexpectedly find some time in the evenings, and even then few if any pictures, (I think posts without some kind of picture "reward" for the reader are less interesting). Here's hoping I'll have some great fiber festival pictures to share by next weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone, wherever you may find yourself!


Anne Margaret said...

Stop that train!!! Best wishes in catching your ride/getting some good knitting time!

Sachi said...

Oh! Sounds crazy but have a wonderful time!