Friday, July 28, 2006

Dear Jane,

Once again the Tuesday Night Knitters met without you, Jane, while you frolicked on yet another beach. Somehow we managed, but it just isn't the same without you! I'm sure, though, that you thought about us every minute, and wondered what went on this past Tuesday, and so I'm taking it upon myself once again to document some of the evening here for you:

First of all, Norma was really cute -- she very proudly showed her first ever stash yarn, and it all fit in one nice little bag. She was in Virginia Beach last week and made her first ever foray into a local yarn shop, and picked up some Lorna's Laces and a Yarn Requirements card, which she brought for show-and-tell Tuesday night. She also brought a knitting friend & co-worker named Jo to join us:

Jo, Norma and her stash, and Norma's blue shawl in the foreground


Here's hoping Norma brings Jo back to TNK again!... :-)

Meanwhile, Nancy brought an adorable little purse she's recently finished:

Love the happy little fringes!


And Sheddy worked on her new Mason-Dixon linen bubble curtain:

Patsy checking out Sheddy's curtain-in-progress


But perhaps the most exciting news of the evening, (and you may want to alert the media), was that Sheddy completed her PAIR of flip-flop socks! We knew she could do it! And at least for this pair only, she's not doomed to one-sock-itis.

Ta-da! Aren't they marvelous?


I love those colors and have ordered the exact yarn recommended in that pattern, and it has finally arrived:

The pair made from this yarn will be for my sister who lives at the beach.

Even better, my yarn contest winnings also arrived:

Vesper, Manos & Koigu - oh, my! Thanks again, Tiffany!
And so, as you might imagine, I'm in Yarn Heaven. I feel like Demi Moore, (wish I looked like her, too), in Indecent Proposal -- I want to throw all my fabulous stash yarn on the bed and roll around in it! :-)

But I digress -- back to Tuesday's knit-night happenings. I was a bad photojournalist and didn't get a picture of Issy, Deb or Renny, but they were all there, knitting on the projects you saw during last week's report. Sherry was there, too, for the first time in awhile, and it was great to see her! She's knitting on the second sock with the Socks That Rock I gave here back in May. And I'm still knitting away on about ten different projects -- I seem to keep adding new WIPs to my list and finishing very few of them. The only new item not yet documented here will remain so until it has been given to its recipient sometime in the near future. But a hint -- it will match and can be worn with the items I bought in the shop across the street from the Yarn Lounge that Thursday night when you, Issy and I were there. Think about it....

Alas, I must end this report on a sad note, for I will miss TNK for the next three Tuesdays, as I'll be up in Maryland again for work. Since you'll be back from the beach by then, Jane, I expect a full report from you on your blog! And unless we do something fun over an upcoming weekend, I won't see you again until Tuesday, August 22nd! That seems too far away! (*Sob!*)

Until then, y'all have fun now, ya hear?!


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Suzanne said...

You guys have so much fun! And I am thrilled to hear that Sheddy FINALLY CONQUERED second sock syndrome! I am all for conquering sock blockage.

My first week at work was excellent!