Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm a convert!

Ever since I conquered my fear of double-pointed needles while taking my beginner sock class at SoXperience 2006, I've become completely enamored with the process of knitting with them. And I especially like the little 5" bamboo ChiaoGoo DPNs they gave us for that sock class, and so have been on a quest to find more in different sizes. Turns out, not many people sell them, not even on the internet.

I did find an internet vendor who had the sizes I wanted, and even offered free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Fellow TNK member Issy also expressed an interest in acquiring some, so we combined our order, but were still a few dollars shy of the free shipping. It then became mandatory for me to find something else to buy to bump up the total, don'tcha know.

So this is what I bought:

Hard shell needle case purchased from Diva Knitting -- loving this!


And inside - a plethora of ChiaoGoo DPNs for Issy and me

The best part of this needle case? Look at what's written on the nameplate:

Lost fans will get the significance of this

By the way - the shipping from Diva Knitting was lightning fast - I placed this order on Friday afternoon and received several informative order and shipping notification emails after that, and it was shipped that same day. The package arrived in today's mail. I definitely recommend them!

Thank you, and Namaste.


Krista said...

Great case, Mary!

Melanie said...

that needle case is rockin!

Ranger Susie said...